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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 29 : Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill





Lesson 29: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill / VIDEO Script

Al, What do you know about the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Well, it started on April 20th when an oil drilling platform leased by BP exploded, caught fire and sunk. Eleven people were killed in the disaster and it has resulted in one of the biggest oil spills in history.

Yes, they finally stopped it with a huge cap in late July but they say that about 220 million gallons of oil leaked out. Now they’re trying to block the well permanently with a plug of mud and cement, But the damage to the Gulf of Mexico and its shoreline has been catastrophic. What a mess!

Yes recently, the people living around the gulf have been angered that there have been reports that the oil is disappearing and that BP is cutting back on its clean-up efforts. I can’t say that I blame the locals for expressing their feelings so strongly.

Yes, it seems that there is still a huge amount of oil just below the surface that is not easy to see. I think BP must continue in its efforts to restore this ecologically valuable area.

I think so too John. The Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful place and a great place to vacation and enjoy fishing. BP and the US government must assure its safety.

You got that right!


  1. What did John ask Al?
    1. Did he know how huge the Gulf of Mexico is
    2. Had he spilled any oil
    3. What did he know about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
    4. Had he been to the Gulf of Mexico
  2. What did Al tell John?
    1. That BP had exploded and sunk
    2. That one of the largest oil spills in history had started on April 20th
    3. That BP had an oil drilling platform
    4. That there were eleven people on the oil drilling platform
  3. What did Al tell John?
    1. People living in the Gulf area have been upset at reports that the spilled oil is vanishing
    2. That BP is cutting back on its anger
    3. That he blames the locals
    4. That the locals have been strongly cut back
  4. What did John say?
    1. That BP must continue to be valuable
    2. That BP is still huge below the surface
    3. That BP must continue to work on restoring the Gulf of Mexico area
    4. That BP is ecologically valuable.