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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 26 : Lady Gaga sets Facebook record


レディー・ガガが、Facebookで約1000万人のフォロワーを得たと、7月2日に発表されました。2日の時点で、ガガのFacebookの登録者は994万462名。これは、存命する個人としての史上最高記録になります。ちなみに、今までトップの位置にいた米オバマ大統領を超える記録になりました。USA Today紙によると、現在ガガ以上のフォロワーを得ているのは、故人のアカウントと、存命個人以外のアカウントのみ。故マイケル・ジャクソン、Texas Hold ‘em Poke(ゲーム)、The Family Guy(テレビ番組)、Mafia Wars(ゲーム)、Facebook(ホームページ)となっていいます。ガガは、Facebookで990万人以上のフォロワー得ているほか、Twitterでも約470万人のフォロワーを得ています。この件についてガガは、次のような感謝のメッセージをファンに贈りました。「リトル・モンスター達、Facebookで私をフォローしてくれて、本当にありがとう! 1000万人の私の友達、それぞれがお互いに繋がっているのよ。」



Lesson 26: Lady Gaga sets Facebook record / VIDEO Script

Hey John, did you read that article on the BBC web-site about Lady Gaga’s Facebook page. Apparently she’s breaking all sorts of records for the number of fans that she’s attracted.

I did come across the article, but to be honest, Al, I hadn’t the faintest idea who she was until I saw it, and then looked her up on Wikipedia. The numbers are staggering, though.

I have to agree there: over 10 million fans. She really must be something. It really shows what a phenomenon she is, but also the huge influence of Facebook. But come on John. You’re really showing your age not having heard of her.

The first I heard of her was when Larry King on CNN said that he was very excited to have secured an interview with her. He was also very impressed that she had gained a spot on the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful celebrities.

Well, I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on. Time magazine has her in its list of the 100 most influential people in the world. She’s also spawned a whole industry of young women wanting to imitate her looks and style. And she took over her top spot with most fans on Facebook from President Obama.

Well, I’m glad that the tech-savvy young people of our time have got their priorities right. Wouldn’t want America’s president to be more popular than Lady Gaga. I still don’t know what she sounds like, but my tastes in music are rather out-dated.

You are a bit of on old fogey, aren’t you?

And proud of it.


  1. What did Al ask John?
    1. Was he a Facebook friend of Lady Gaga
    2. Had he read an article about Lady Gaga having a record number of fans on Facebook
    3. Was he attracted to Lady Gaga
    4. Had he heard that Lady Gaga was a broken record on the BBC
  2. What did John tell Al?
    1. That he had fainted when he read about Lady Gaga on Wikipedia
    2. That he had staggered after Lady Gaga
    3. That he didn’t know anything about Lady Gaga until he read about her on Wikipedia
    4. That he was honest when speaking about Lady Gaga
  3. What did Al say to John?
    1. That he agreed that Lady Gaga’s following on Facebook is amazing
    2. That he agreed that Lady Gaga has 10 million fans
    3. That John must stop showing his age and colour his hair
    4. That Lady Gaga has a huge influence
  4. What did John say to Al?
    1. That he first heard of Lady Gaga while he was watching Larry King on CNN
    2. That Forbes was one of the 100 most powerful celebrities
    3. That Forbes had a spot on CNN
    4. That CNN had secured an interview with Larry King