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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 23 : New iPhone Features Extra Camera





Lesson 23: New iPhone Features Extra Camera / VIDEO Script

John, are you still thinking of investing in an iPhone. I see that Steve Jobs has just launched the 4th Generation model. This has come hot on the heels of the iPad launch; I wonder if it’s going to sell as well as the iPad. They certainly went like hot cakes.

Yes. It’s turned out lucky for me that I didn’t go ahead and get one when I first wanted to a couple of months ago. But rumours were rife even then that a new model was waiting in the wings. The launch date is June 24th, just over a week away, but Softbank are still keeping mum about it.

Yes. I suppose they are still hoping to catch a few suckers with the old model, but I think it’s really dumb to buy an old model when a new one is being launched, especially when the new one incorporates so many improvements. Have you read the article on the Japan Times web-site. I think this is really an impressive smart-phone.

I did read it, but I’m a well established Apple fan. I have an iPod touch, and now I couldn’t do without it. I’m giving it to my wife as soon as I get my new iPhone. I’m really looking forward to using the web features when I’m away from my home or work Wi-Fi. The new screen and fast processor as well as its great looks are also very attractive features.

I’d love to have one myself, but I’m not sure that I can justify the cost of the 3G web access; I already have mobile access via my net-book. It’s the new High Definition video camera and the front camera that really appeal to me. I love seeing the person that I am speaking to. It’s almost as good as true video conferencing. I must admit that I am really tempted.

Well Al, if you’re a Farmville fan, there’s a new App that will allow you to play on your iPhone, and you’ll also be able to download and read iBooks. That’s a part of the new operating system, iOS4. How do you like that?

I like it, but sadly you still won’t be able to stream or buy Movies or TV shows in Japan. The big corporations are strong enough to block that. But I’m still looking for ways to justify buying one. It’s just so cool.

I couldn’t agree more.


  1. What did Al ask John?
    1. Was he still thinking of getting an iPhone.
    2. Did he know that Steve Jobs was 4th generation.
    3. Did he know that the iPad had a new pair of heels.
    4. Did he know that iPads were hot-cakes.
  2. What did John tell Al?
    1. That Softbank had launched a date.
    2. That he was keeping mum about Softbank.
    3. That he was lucky that he had delayed his decision to get an iPhone.
    4. That June 24th was ripe with rumours.
  3. What did Al say?
    1. That he likes to catch suckers.
    2. That the Japan Times web-site was really smart.
    3. That the web-site incorporated many improvements.
    4. That it was not smart to buy an iPhone when a new model was about to be launched.
  4. What did John tell Al?
    1. That he was already a fan of Apple’s products.
    2. That he was going to give an iPhone to his wife.
    3. That he was looking forward to using Wi-Fi.
    4. That his wife had great looks and attractive features.