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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 22 : Paul McCartney Plays to Obamas 



Lesson 22: Paul McCartney Plays to Obamas / VIDEO Script

Al, did you hear about Paul McCartney’s performance at the White House. I heard that he’d picked up some kind of award from President Obama.

Yes, I read about it on the BBC web-site recently. Apparently he received the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. I must admit I’ve never heard of that award before, have you?

No, I haven’t, but apparently Paul Simon won the inaugural prize, followed by Stevie Wonder last year. I guess that makes old Sir Paul the third winner. Speaking about old, he Doesn’t look much like a teen idol any more; he looked rather wrinkly in his photo with Obama.

Well, he’s no spring chicken. According to the article he’s 67. I’m surprised that he’s still so active at his age. But I suppose many of the old rock and pop stars are getting on a bit. Even Mick Jagger is 66, and he still behaves like a teenager. They make me feel like a kid.

But I wish I had their energy. Did the article say who else took part in the White House concert?

Well, the gig included the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Corinne Bailey Rae and Stevie Wonder. What do you think of that line up? I’d love to have been there.

I suppose I’m showing my age, but Stevie Wonder is the only one of that lot that I’ve heard of. What did the article say about the ex Beatle’s performance?

Not much. But he said he’d been “itching” to perform the old Beatles song “Michelle” for the First Lady. He also played a string of hits including “Got To Get You Into My Life” and “Hey Jude….don’t make it bad….take a sad song and make it better……” Sorry John! I got carried away!

You certainly did! I’m glad you stopped before you butchered any more of Sir Paul’s songs.


  1. What did John ask Al?
    1. Had he heard about President Obama receiving an award.
    2. Had he heard about Paul McCartney giving a performance at the White House.
    3. Had he heard that Paul McCartney had moved into the White House.
    4. Had He recently visited the White House to pick up an award.
  2. What did Al say to John?
    1. That he doesn’t enjoy eating spring chicken.
    2. That he’s surprised that Mick Jagger is still a teenager.
    3. That he’d always wanted to be an old rock star.
    4. That he’s surprised that Paul McCartney is still so active at 67 years old.
  3. What did John Tell Al about the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song?
    1. That Paul Simon had been the first winner of the prize.
    2. That it’s given to teen idols any more.
    3. That Stevie Wonder won it from Mick Jagger.
    4. That President Obama is looking wrinkly recently.
  4. What did Al say about Paul McCartney’s performance?
    1. That anticipation of singing “Michelle” for Mrs. Obama had made him itchy.
    2. That he broke a string on his guitar.
    3. That his real name was Hey Jude.
    4. That he said to Michelle Obama: “Got to get you into my life”.