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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 20 : Hatoyama's shirts


支持率の急落に頭を悩ませている鳩山由紀夫首相ですが、こうした中、その独特なファッションセンスまでもが批判の的になっています。 国民と直接対話する「リアル鳩カフェ」を官邸で開催した際に鳩山首相が着用した赤、黄、緑、紫、青の5色にチェック柄が入ったシャツ。約50年間にわたり政権をとってきた自由民主党を破り誕生した民主党政権ですが、沖縄基地問題への対応などを原因として国民による鳩山首相の評価はここ数カ月で急落しています。国民からは政権だけでなくファッションセンスまでも支持されない鳩山首相というところでしょうか。



Lesson 20: Hatoyama’s shirts / VIDEO Script

Hey John. What do you think about Yukio Hatoyama’s taste in clothes? There’s an article on the BBC web-site that really takes the mickey out of his taste in shirts. Have you seen it yet?

Yes, apparently reporters pounced on a shirt that he wore at a barbeque held at his official residence. With one sleeve yellow and the other blue, a red front and a purple back, the article calls it “eye-catching”. How would you describe it.

When the green cuffs and collar are taken into account, I think eye-catching is something of an understatement. As if he doesn’t have enough trouble with widespread criticism of his leadership, you’d think he’d have more sense than to lay himself open to criticism of his fashion sense.

Yes, he certainly does himself no favours when it comes to his image. He has become the butt of numerous jokes in the media, yet he continues to appear in public in ridiculous outfits. This is on top of his regular political gaffs.

The author of the article also recommends that the new British prime minister learns a lesson from Mr. Hatoyama and is more careful as to how he builds his public image. What do you think about that? Do you think that it is important that a politician is judged by his dress sense?

Well, I do agree that when a politician loses popularity for his policies, making a fool of himself by wearing such ridiculous clothes can only do him further damage in the eyes of the public.

I guess I’d better go home immediately and change my shirt.

Yes, I must do the same. Don’t want my students laughing at me.


  1. What did Al ask John?
    1. Did he see the fashion article on the BBC web-site
    2. Did he take the mickey out of shirts
    3. What did he think of Yukio Hatoyama’s fashion sense
    4. What did he think about the BBC web-site
  2. What did John tell Al?
    1. That the BBC reporter had criticised a shirt worn by Mr. Hatoyama
    2. That Mr. Hatoyama’s colours had pounced on the reporter
    3. That the reporter had a yellow sleeve on his shirt
    4. That the BBC article was “eye-catching”
  3. What did John say to Al:
    1. That Mr. Hatoyama’s shirts do him favours
    2. That Mr. Hatoyama’s shirts are made by political gaffs
    3. That it is ridiculous for Mr. Hatoyama to continue appearing in public
    4. That Mr. Hatoyama has become the subject of many jokes in the media
  4. What did Al tell John that the author of the article had written?
    1. That the new British prime minister should learn a lesson from Mr Hatoyama regarding his public image
    2. That the new British prime minister should learn about fashion from Mr. Hatoyama
    3. That politicians should be dress sense
    4. That Mr. Hatoyama should be British prime minister