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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 19 : Justin Bieber - You Tube Sensation!


カナダのポップス/R&BシンガーJustin Bieber (ジャスティン・ビーバー)をご存じでしょうか。彼は動画サイトYouTubeにおいて歌手活動を展開していましたが、その活躍を見出され、R&B歌手アッシャーと面談。その面談の後すぐにレコード会社との契約を取り付けたそうです。ピアノ、ドラム、ギター、トランペットなどの楽器を独学で学びUsher(アッシャー)、Stevie Wonder(スティービー・ワンダー)、Ne-Yo(ニーヨ)、Michael Jackson(マイケル・ジャクソン)、Justin Timberlake(ジャスティン・ティンバーレイク)などの曲をカバーして2007年頃からYouTubeに投稿し始めたそうです。
2010年にはハイチ地震による被災者支援のため、そうそうたるメンバーのより再びレコーディングされた「We Are The World 25 Years for Haiti」のトップバッターを飾ったのも彼でした。



Lesson 19: Singer Justin Bieber – You Tube Sensation! / VIDEO Script

John, I just read an article in the TIME magazine about a new teen talent who gained popularity entirely from Internet exposure. It seems this is the first time someone has gained so much success this way and shows the emerging power of the net.

Oh really? Who is the new ‘Justin Timberlake’ or whatever his name is and how did he become so prominent?

His name is Justin Bieber and he was discovered on YouTube by Atlanta music promoter Scooter Braun who worked with Usher, the R&B artist. Justin is only 15 and his videos on YouTube are garnering millions of views. He had four songs top the Billboard charts before he even released his first CD and his YouTube channel has over 50,000,000 subscribers.

Wow! That is very impressive! What about his music? What’s it about and which age group does is relate to most?

Well, his two main subjects are his parent’s divorce and young love or what is sometimes referred to as puppy love. His primary audience seems to be young girls under 15 who can relate to the lyrics of his songs. YouTube is full of videos featuring his songs.

Well, I am not sure it is my type of music but it is good to see that the Internet is making it possible for unknown people to break through and succeed in the music business. I guess it can work for all ages.

Yes, I agree. It will be interesting to see how he and his music evolves after his voice changes and he grows older.

It certainly will.


  1. What is the conversation about?
    1. It’s about a new classical music composer who became prominent on the Internet.
    2. It’s about a new CD that Al bought via the Internet.
    3. It’s about a new pop singer who became popular after appearing on the TV program, American Idol.
    4. It’s about a new pop singer who gained popularity via the Internet.
  2. How did Al say Justin Bieber was discovered?
    1. He said that Justin had been discovered by Atlanta music promoter, Scooter Braun at a local music audition in New York.
    2. He said that Justin had been discovered by Atlanta music promoter, Scooter Braun who viewed his videos on YouTube.
    3. He said that Justin sent his video to Atlanta music promoter, Scooter Braun.
    4. He said that Scooter Braun found Justin at a local music shop in Atlanta called ‘You too’.
  3. What did John ask about Justin Bieber?
    1. He asked about Justin’s music and who were his biggest fans?
    2. He asked about Justin’s musical training and if he has any other brothers or sisters.
    3. He asked if Justin’s parents were divorced and how this affected his music.
    4. He asked if Justin knew what ‘puppy love’ was.
  4. What did Al say were the two main subjects of Justin’s songs?
    1. He said they were Justin’s older brother’s drinking problem and his search for an identity.
    2. He said they were Justin’s sister’s divorce and puppy love.
    3. He said they were Justin’s parent’s divorce and young love.
    4. He said they were young girl’s dreams and Justin’s fascination with sports cars.