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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 18 : Personality by Blood Groups





Lesson 18: Personality by Blood Groups / VIDEO Script

Al, what’s that you mentioned about Japanese people being fascinated by blood groups? I thought that whether one was group A, AB, B or O only mattered when you had an operation, or needed a blood transfusion for some other reason.

No, that’s not the case; not in Japan, anyway. I read an article on the BBC News website that was all about finding the right partner for romance, or even the right person to fill a job vacancy, by selection from a particular blood group. It seems that they even have speed dating sessions targeting partners from specific blood groups.

I’ve never heard of that. Many people in the West believe that character may be, at least in part, inherited, but I’ve never heard it linked to a person’s blood group before. Did the article mention how this originated?

Apparently the current fashion for personality typing by blood group emerged in Japan in the 1970s. It looks like it’s taken very seriously by many people. There are instances in the article of prejudice against type B in both romance and employment.

Wow. I’m blood type A. I wonder how I’d be seen by Japanese people based on my blood group? I wonder if the stereotype would fit my character? On the one hand it would give me an excuse for being like I am, on the other hand it would challenge my scientific view of the world.

According to a woman interviewed for the article, she wanted to meet a group A man, so maybe you’re in luck. She said that blood type A men are dependable, organised and down to earth as well as being self sacrificing. How do you think that fits your personality?

I’m relieved to find that it doesn’t. If it did it would fly in the face of my beliefs. I’m a freethinking individualist and I like to speak my mind. I’m also really disorganised. I wonder what group I fit into?

It looks like you’re a B personality, even if your blood is type A.

It’s lucky that my Japanese wife is type A. She can keep me in check as well as organised.


  1. What did John ask Al?
    1. Was Al fascinated by Japanese people’s blood groups.
    2. What had Al mentioned about Japanese people being fascinated by blood groups.
    3. Whether Al had type A, AB, B or O blood.
    4. Whether Al needed an operation.
  2. What did Al tell John?
    1. That speed dating sessions target specific partners.
    2. That the BBC website was using blood to fill job vacancies.
    3. That he had read an article on the BBC website about Japanese people use blood groups to select partners.
    4. That many Japanese people like to select blood groups.
  3. What did John Tell Al?
    1. He wondered whether his blood group matched his character.
    2. He asked whether he had a stereotype.
    3. That he had a scientific approach in one of his hands.
    4. Whether the blood group in one hand is the same as the other hand.
  4. What did Al say regarding a woman who has interviewed in the article?
    1. That she wanted to meet a man with a blood group.
    2. That the woman suited John’s personality.
    3. That she was in luck because men are self sacrificing.
    4. That men with blood type A are dependable, organised and down to earth.