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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 13 : iPad and Steve Jobs




Lesson 13: iPad and Steve Jobs / VIDEO Script

Chiharu, did you see the articles in TIME about the Apple iPad?

No, what’s happening with the iPad so far? Is it going to be a hit product?

Well, it was launched this past weekend and initial sales reached 300,000 in just a few days. They now project sales of over 6,000,000 within this year.

Wow! That’s amazing! So, in the articles, what were they saying about the iPad and Apple?

One of the authors told a story about the first tablet PC that Microsoft’s Bill Gates introduced back in 2000 and explained that Steve Jobs of Apple likes nothing better than frolicking in the graveyard of other companies’ dead products.

What does that mean? I thought apple invented the digital music player and this iPad thing was the first one to be introduced.

No, according to the article, digital audio players were around for years before Apple brought out the iPod and just about every computer maker has already tried and failed to sell a tablet PC already.

Well, Apple has a knack recently for releasing successful products. If anyone can make a Tablet PC popular, they can.


  1. What did Al say had happened this past weekend?
    1. He said that Apple’s iPad Sales had been launched this past weekend but only 300,000 had been sold although 6,000,000 had been projected.
    2. He said that iPad sales had been launched this past weekend and over 300,000 had been sold while sales of 6,000,000 are projected for this year.
    3. He said that Bill Gates had introducted the tablet PC and tried to convince reporters it would be the most popular PC.
    4. He said that Apple could not launch the iPad this past weekend because of a technical glitch.
  2. What did Al say Apple’s Steve Jobs likes to do?
    1. He likes to dig around in the graveyard of other companies’ products to find good ideas.
    2. He likes to frolic in the snow with his kids while listening to an iPod.
    3. He likes to convince people that something will be popular in a few years.
    4. He likes to read ebooks on his iPad.
  3. What did Al say one of the article’s authors had done?
    1. He said that one of the authors had told a story about the original iPod.
    2. He said that one of the authors had interviewed Steve Jobs about the future of the tablet PC.
    3. He said that one of the authors had told a story about the introduction of the first tablet PC.
    4. He said that Bill Gates had told a story about the first Tablet PC.
  4. What did Chiharu say about Apple and its products?
    1. That Apple had a sack to put the iPad in for protection.
    2. That Apple had a knack for introducing successful products.
    3. That Apple had its back against the wall in the release of the iPad.
    4. That Apple will be back to release another iPod which will succeed to create a market for digital audio players.