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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 12 : Mao Asada Becomes World Champion!




Lesson 12: Mao Asada Becomes World Champion! / VIDEO Script

John, did you see the story on Yahoo about the Ladies Figure Skating World Championships?

Yeah, Mao Asada finally did it! She dethroned Yu-Na Kim and joined Daisuke Takahashi as World Champions. This is certainly great news for her many fans in Japan.

Yu-Na Kim seemed to be less than majestic but still managed to outscore Asada by .99 points, despite a fall and missed jump and she didn’t even have to attempt her final double axel. There is certainly something about her skating that impresses the judges.

Yes, Kim is a pleasure to watch, but maybe it is because of the dark program that Asada always seems to do. She executes it well but it is such a serious piece of music and I can’t help but think that using it is a liability for Mao. A more lively and positive piece might garner her more impression points from the judges.

You may be right. You’d think that her attempt to use music with some depth, and to express it, would be seen as an advantage rather than a liability, but I guess it is the other side of the coin to Kim to attempt the triple axel. I am sure Kim would never attempt to do a performance to such a serious piece of music either.

I’m sure you’re right Al, but she certainly knows how to please the judges. She didn’t manage to take advantage of that talent this time, though. I must admit that I found her comments rather odd. She almost seemed a little weary after her achievement at Vancouver.

Yes John. It seems that the World Championships were a bit of an anti-climax after the high-point of the Olympics. I wonder if there is something to the rumours abounding that she may by contemplating retirement. Can you imagine even considering such a course at only 19 years old? I suppose it comes from reaching such a pinnacle of achievement at such a tender age.


  1. What did Al ask John?
    1. Had John used Yahoo to search for Mao Asada.
    2. Had John read the article on Yahoo about the World Figure Skating Championships.
    3. Had John Watched the Ladies Figure Skating.
    4. Had Yahoo won the World Championships.
  2. What did John tell Al?
    1. That Yu-Na Kim had fallen off the throne.
    2. That Daisuke Takahashi had sent good news to Japan.
    3. That Mao Asada and Daisuke Takahashi were going to get married.
    4. That Mao Asada had taken the Ladies World Figure Skating title away from Yu-Na Kim.
  3. What did John say may be a reason that Mao Asada does not please the judges?
    1. She chooses music for her performances that is too serious.
    2. That she executes when she performs.
    3. That more lively music is a liability.
    4. That he can’t think about garnering impressions.
  4. What did Al tell John about rumours he had heard?
    1. That Yu-Na Kim was only 19 years old.
    2. That Yu-Na Kim was thinking about retiring from competitive skating.
    3. That Yu-Na Kim had fallen off a high point.
    4. That the pinnacle was too early for Yu-Na Kim to reach.