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スミス英会話 鶴見緑地公園BBQイベント 2008

Smith’s School of English 2008

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park BBQ Event

スミス英会話 鶴見緑地公園 バーベキュー イベント 2008


From all of us teachers here at Smiths School of English I would like to once again say “Thank you” to all of our wonderful students who took the time to join us at our 2008 Smiths School of English BBQ Event at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park on July 27th, 2008.


Many of our students traveled from far to join this event for example Nara, Kobe and Shiga and we appreciate it very much!


Thank you to the students who took some of the pictures we have used for this site and a special thank you again to Mr. Yoshihisa Matsushita from Smiths School of English Tsukaguchi who took the time to prepare a DVD with film and pictures of the event!

また、このウェブサイトに掲載させて頂ける沢山の素晴らしい写真を撮って下さった生徒様、それから特にこのイベントのビデオを幾つも撮って下さった塚口スクールの 松下芳久様、本当にありがとうございます!

It was a hot day but we enjoyed delicious food, fun English games, seeing friends again from other Smiths School of English schools in Kansai and much chatting and laughter!


I would also like to say “Thank you” to the wonderful staff at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park who made sure that our BBQ area was prepared for us when we arrived and explained to us how to use the gas grills.


Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park is a wonderful place to enjoy a summer BBQ as well as many other beautiful surroundings!



Finally, I would like to say “Thank you” to the following Smiths School of English franchises which helped to plan the event!


Smith’s School of English Horie and Smith’s School of English Fuse



Hi Alex!Thank you for organizing such fun BBQ event yesterday! I enjoyed meeting other students from another Smiths School of English schools. Also, it was fun to meet some students which I met at hanami party again! It’s making new friends for me!This event was very hot but very fun and I enjoyed much good food.See you again soon!
Smiths School of English Fuse student


スミス英会話 布施校の生徒様


Alex,This was my first time to join a school event and I enjoyed the BBQ very much! It was so hot at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park but it seems everyone enjoyed because everyone was smiling!I enjoyed meeting fellow Smiths School of English Fuse students and various other students from Kansai Smiths School of English branch offices!Thank you Alex and other Smiths School of English teachers for planning this BBQ Party!
Smiths School of English Fuse student

スミス 英会話 布施校の生徒様


Dear Alex,Thank you for another fun event for Smiths School of English students. I and my friends enjoyed the event very much!Thank you for making very delicious kebabs for us to enjoy! You are a good cook!I enjoyed seafood kebab and miso dengaku nasu which you made very much!Thank you for getting good BBQ place at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park.You said you reserved 2 months ago!! Wow!Thank you for planning so hard!
Smiths School of Fuse student

スミス英会話 布施校の生徒様


Hi Alex,Thank you for a fun event again! I always enjoy Smiths School of English event. I attended various events and its always fun and can meet many people!
Smiths School of English Horie student

スミス 英会話 堀江校の生徒様

Hi AlexYesterday, we enjoyed BBQ very much!My friends said first time, she worried enjoy BBQ because she can't speak English but teacher's very friendly and many good students!She said Alex made roasted boar very delicious and after long time, she have a very quick mind for English games. Very fun!We had a nice time. Thank you Alex and teachers!Have a nice day! Thank you very much!
Smiths School of English Fuse student

スミス英会話 布施校の生徒 様

Smith’s School of English Okamoto


Hi Al,Thanks for throwing such a fun BBQ.I had a wonderful time. I was happy to get to know various people.The meat was very delicious and tender. I'm sure that we all students are fascinated by your character.I hope you keep having meeting in the future.Lastly I thank your wife and wife's niece for cooking to us under the flaming sun.


Masafumi,Thank you for the kind comment. We will most certainly continue to have such events in the future, so please attend next time too. I will pass your appreciation to my wife and her niece.It was certainly a hot day and I will most assuredly be the head cook next time as I have earned it.Let's continue to enjoy English and good times!

マサフミさん、優しいコメント有難うございます。必ずこのようなイベントを開催しますので又参加してくださいね。マサフミさんの感謝を僕の妻と彼女の姪に伝えます。本当に暑かったですね。次回は僕がコックさんの役割を果たさなければならないですね。これからも英語を楽しみ、イベントを楽しみ、みんなでたくさんの良い時間を過しましょう。 AL


Mr. Al,The Barbecue this time was very good. Thank you,
アル先生、今回のバーべキューは良かったです\(^O^)/ 有難う。Hongmei

Even in the "dog days" of summer, we at the Smith's School of English enjoy giving our students more chances to practice English and to have a good time. We had a pretty good turnout and everyone enjoyed the great food, conversation and English games.What's up next? Anyone for a little KARAOKE?Al Bartle

夏の盛暑にも関わらず、私たちスミス英会話の講師陣は、出きる限り生徒様の為に楽しい時間と英語を使うチャンスを持てるようにイベントを開いて楽しんでいます。今年の夏も沢山の生徒と先生が参加して美味しい食べ物、素敵な会話と英語のゲームも楽しみましたね。次回何をしましょうか。カラオケはどうですか、皆様?  スミス英会話岡本校 アル・バートル

Smith’s School of English Tsukaguchi

I would like to thank all who joined our joint barbecue event, those who helped out with the food preparation and those who gave me comments in writing. This event was a great success. Smith’s School of English Tsukaguchi School brought the food for its group, which consisted of hamburgers, an onion dip and fruit. I enjoyed cooking hamburgers for my school’s group!
 thank you for reading our barbecue page!
Derek Maeckelburg

スミス英会話の合同イベント“鶴見緑地バーベキュー大会”に参加してくださった皆さん、ありがとうございました。 皆さんにはバーベキューの準備段階からお手伝いいただき、また後日、感想文も書いていただいて本当に感謝しています。 皆さんのおかげで、このイベントも大成功でした。 スミス英会話塚口校はこのイベントに、塚口校の人数分のハンバーグとオニオンディップソース(ポテトチップやクラッカーにつけて食べるクリームソース)そして果物を差し入れました。 私は塚口校の参加の皆さんのために張り切ってハンバーグを焼きました! このイベントについてもっと知りたくありませんか? 私がハンバーグを焼いているところをビデオで見られますよ。お付き合い頂きましてありがとうございました! デレック


Dear Derek! ('▽')ノI am Aki.I had a good time at the BBQ event. I could talk everyone and enjoyed today. Hamburger was good! ('-^*)bI want to join next event with my friend.See you!Akiデレック先生 ('▽')ノバーベキューのイベントは とても楽しく過ごせました。今日は みんなと おしゃべりする事ができて、楽しかったです。ハンバーガーは おいしかったよ! ('-^*)b次のイベントも 友達と一緒に また参加したいです。またねっ!あき

Hi!! Everyone who went to Tsurumi BBQ party. That was a nice barbecue party, I felt. For me it was a good experience that I could participate in the party wonderful teachers held at Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park and I could eat barbecue food foreigners made and cook.It was a very hot day and I was taking movies, so I can hardly remember the barbecue food that I ate.But I made a nice DVD of the party. If you want it, please tell it to your teacher of your school. So you can enjoy it.Let's meet at next event.
Y.M at Tsukaguchi School

鶴見緑地公園で行われたバーベキューパーティーに参加された方々、お元気ですか?とてもすばらしいパーティだったな・・・と思いましたよ。私にとっては、素敵な先生達が鶴見緑地公園で開催したバーベキューパーティーに参加でき、外国人の作ったバーベキュー料理を食べることができたのは、本当に良い経験でした。当日は本当に暑い日でしたね、そしてずっとムービーを撮っていたので、何を食べたのかほとんど覚えていない有様です。でも、きちんとDVDは完成しましたよ。もし、ご覧になりたい方は、各学校の先生方にメールアドレス等をお聞きください(先生がたはご存じのはず!)そしてDVDを楽しんでね。また、次のイベントでお会いしましょう!Y.M 塚口校



始めてイベントに参加させていただき、デレック先生や奥様が一生懸命作ってくれたハンバーガーとても美味しくて全部ペロリと食べてしまいました。また他の先生や生徒さん達とも交流が出来英語を学ぶ楽しさを感じました。これからも、イベントには極力参加したいと思います。Thank you for everything. C.T

I joined the Smith’s BBQ party with my family.I looked forward to it because we had never experienced it.It was held in Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park that was a huge, clean and wonderful place.Smith’s teacher, Derek was a good cook. The hamburgers that he cooked were delicious.After lunch, I had a good time playing games and chatting with some teachers and students. It was a great party as we had expected.I appreciate the Smith’s teachers planning this enjoyable event.I hope that this enjoyable event will be held again. I do want to join it.

私は家族とともに、バーベキューパーティーに参加いたしました。私にとって、初めてのバーベキューパーティーでしたので、とても楽しみにして行きました。会場の鶴見緑地公園は、広くきれいで、素晴らしかったです。先生に調理して頂いたハンバーガーはとても美味しかったです。食事後は、先生や生徒さんたちと、ゲームをしたり、会話をしたりしてとても楽しい時間を過ごしました。このパーティは、期待どおりの素晴らしいイベントでした。このようなイベントを企画されたスミス英会話学校の先生方に、とても感謝しております。今後もこのようなイベントの開催を希望しております。その時は是非参加したいと思っております。 I.T.

Smith’s School of English Otsu


I went to BBQ party with Smith English School students. I could play many games and spoke English. Very enjoy day.A.K.私はスミス英会話教室の生徒と一緒にバーベキューパーティーに行きました。私は沢山のゲームし、英語を話しました。とても楽しい日でした。A.K.