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英会話無料レッスン 5A65

Which city would you move to if you could move to any city?



・I would move to Portofino in Italy. Small town with colorful houses and a small harbour with clear blue water is pretty.

・I want to move somewhere in Okinawa. Because I prefer warm weather.

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  • I want to move to Okinawa!!
    I have been there five times.
    People who live in Okinawa are nice!
    That is why I want to live there😊

  • I want to live in an old town in Tokyo because I have never left the Amagasaki area since I was born until now. I do not want to live in a big city, so I would like to live in an old town in Tokyo.

  • I would move to Switzerland! I like to paint pictures. For that reason i want to paint pictiures in Beautiful scenery! I want to live in Switzerland in my old age!!

  • I would move to Switzerland🇨🇭 I like to paint pictures. For that reason i want to paint pictiures in Beautiful scenery! I want to live in Switzerland in my old age!!

  • I have always hoped to live in Turkey, where three cultures, the Orient, the Middle East and the Occident, combined. I guess its food is tasty, the streets are charming and the culture is fascinating.

  • I would live in Hokkaido during the summer, and in Okinawa during the winter.
    If I could go overseas, I would go to the Mediterranean.

    • Shohei Otani is amazing. They say he is the best 2-way player since Babe Ruth! It would be fun to live in Anaheim and be able to watch his games at the stadium.

  • I would move to the city which has beautiful beach such as Malta, Ouvea Island in New Caledonia and Hawaii.
    I would like to spend a lot of time at the hot beach with cold beers.

  • I would move to Finland. Because, I want to meet Santa clause and see aurora! I want to go the Finland, when I graduate from college.

  • I want to live in Kichijoji,Tokyo.
    Because there’s my favorite park.If I live there I will be able to
    go to the park every day!

  • There are many cities and countries I would like to visit. Even if I go on a trip, I don’t want to live. For old and realistic me I can’t help thinking about money, that is to say, what I live on doing. But I want to know deeply about the world.

  • I would move to Seattle state of Washington.
    Seattle has lot of nature.
    There is the first Starbucks store.

  • Moving foreign countries will have a lot of fan but I’d like to move to Kyoto for enjoying 4 seasons nature view, traditional culture and constructions. It’s not be able to decide moving foreign countries by positive feeling only due to current world wide negative situations when we consider real life.

  • I would move to Portugal.
    I have been there,people who live in Portugal are very kind.
    And I like Portuguese dishes.

  • I wish I were young and could speak English well , I want to move the west coast of America.The reason why there are a lot of industry of movie ,tv, and entertaiment.

  • I want to enjoy the rest of my life on the South Island, so l would like to live in Maui,Hawaii. I think my English conversation skill will improve a little in this place.

  • If I could, I would move to Seattle, WA. It is a nice city, not too big, not too small, but has everything. I also would move to Provence, France during summer time. I would like to enjoy beautiful Lavender fields there.

  • I want to move to Vienna.
    Because I‘m very impatient.
    But I heard the people that live in Vienna are easy going types.
    If I were in a laid back atmosphere ,
    maybe I could be one too.

  • I would move to Queenstown in NewZealand . It is the beautiful and quiet place . Also , it’s close to nature. I traveled there for the first time this week . I liked there .

  • I would like to move to Queenstown in New Zealand, if I would need not to drive a car or worry about money, and could enjoy Japanese foods.
    I enjoyed beautiful autumn leaves and scenic beauty in Queenstown last week.

  • I would move to Takarazuka City in Hyogo Prefecture. I love Takarazuka Revue and horse racing very much. It is the base of the Takarazuka Revue Company and still has the Hanshin Race Course. It’s a dream town for me.

  • I’d like to move to Hokkaido. Because I like snow, and there is a lot of delicious food, I also like greenery so I want to spend time slowly in a place with a lot of nature. But I would be bored soon. After all I think that Osaka is the best.

  • I would move to Perth located in Western Australia. There are a big river, beatiful parks and the city is nice and small.
    I feel that time flows slowly.

  • I would moved to Hokkaido because lots of nature and food is delicious and many sightseeing spots but the cold is a difficult point

  • 1,
    I want to live in Okinawa.
    Because I like warm places. I don’t like the cold.

    Rome, Italy
    The city I saw in the movie was    beautiful

  • I want to live in the countly side in Japan.
    But if I must select a city, I want to live in Otsu or Matumoto city.
    Because Otsu city have the mountain that can get topaz.
    Matumoto is near the alps and there are alot of good point to see the scape.

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