英会話無料レッスン 4A50 生徒さんが作った例文
What are you into right now?


This week’s student sample
・I’m into online shopping.

・I’m into getting a massage. It always gives me peace of mind.

Previous student samples
・I’m into a tapioca milk tea now. I sometimes buy two or three packages of it at a supermarket.

・I’m into samurai novels.

・I’m into stretching to reduce back pain. I found a book on stretching on a website last spring. Until then, I had taken medicine so much to reduce pain.

・I’m into Combat, a TV program. I can’t catch what they are saying because it’s too fast.

・Once I was into singing, enjoying KARAOKE. However, now many karaoke shops are closed because of COVID-19. So now I am into studying English more eagerly.

・I’m really into making Hawaiian quilts.

・I’m into snowboarding because it’s winter.

・I’m into buying food and drinks.

・I’m really into making yoghurt with a yoghurt maker.

・I’m not really into anything now but I used to be into making sweets.

・I’m into eating spicy foods right now. They make me warm when I eat them.

・When I work from home, I have enough time to cook in the morning, so I’m into making French toast for breakfast recently because my wife and my daughter say my French toast is delicious.

・I’m into having some miso soup for my dinner recently because it warms me up quickly.

・I’m into checking interior goods or cat Instagrams.

・I’m into my work now.

・I am into playing the online game “sudoku” every day before going to bed.

・I’m into making roast beef right now.

・I mean to going to temples in shrines.

・I’m really into betting on horse races. Originally, I love horses and I noticed that it is more fun to bet on races. Last Saturday I bet ¥600 on outsiders in a race and I received ¥50,000. I love betting on races, but I make sure to stay in my budget.

・I’m into doing mugwort steaming. In various meetings, that is good.

・I’m into the app called “Asken” right now. I installed a week ago. It’s name is an abbreviation for “tomorrow’s health”. When I record my daily diet, AI will give me advice on calories and ingredients. If I follow her advice and improve my diet, I should have a balanced diet along with weight loss.

・I’m into watching “Hiroshi’s Labyrinth Gourmet” show now.

・I’m into the mobile game “LINE Pop 2”.

・I’m into looking up various recipes.

・I am into going to “Sanwa Coffee Works” in Tenma.

・I’m not into anything right now. I’m busy dealing with my son every day.

This week’s student sample
・I’m into the video game called Okami. This title includes two meanings, the first is the Wolf and the second is the God. The stage is a country similar to Japan in the mythical era. It’s a story about the resurrected Okami who regards his power to purify all evil and revive the devastated world.

・I’m into putting bath salts in my bath. Liquid type, powder type and foaming type. Fragrance of lemon and lavender and hinoki . There are various kinds of bath salts.

Previous student samples
・I’m into DIY right now. First of all I’m taking a correspondence course of the house construction engineer training.

・I’m into reading English books every day to stimulate my brain.

・I’m into the baby information because my wife is pregnant. Now my baby is starting to develop head, eyes and ears. It’s already past six weeks so my wife has morning sickness. So she can’t eat food but she must eat food for her baby. So I cooked egg porridge for my wife yesterday. Morning sickness will finish about one month later, maybe.

・Now I’m into making a model car Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR.

・Recently I’m into gems that are sold in mineral shows. I mainly buy cheap stones. These gems are certainly not expensive but I like the colours and shapes. My favourite gems in my collection are Opal and Amber.

・Now I’m investigating how to clean up the chamber of my motorcycle. The most popular method is to remove carbon by burning it. This method is better for cleaning it up but it must be repainted after that and it has a lot of smoke during burning it. So I want to know the method by chemical.

・I’m into cooking rice with gas. I bought two stove pots. One of them is used to cook simmering dishes. Another one is used to cook rice. You can cook it deliciously and it’s very easy. I just cook for 10 minutes and steam for 10 minutes. Recently I bring a rice ball to work every time. I love it and can’t stop.

・I’m into making Chai. I got a chai teabag. It is not just tea leaves but a few spices are included in it. I extracted them by boiling and added milk and by preference I added ginger and cinnamon. I’m studying a kind and quality and I ordered Assam tea CTC, cinnamon sticks, cardamon and cloves. I’ll make up my original combination.

・My into right now is cooking.  Because of the influence of COVID-19 I refrain from eating out. Yesterday I cooked seafood pasta but just because it is my boom doesn’t mean I’m good at cooking. I made it because I want to eat it anyway.

・I’m always into painting my nails and choosing many different colours. But I can’t now because my older daughter caught a wire and broke her little finger and she had her finger operated on Monday afternoon. So I have to make dinner and do the dishes every day.

・I do exercise for three minutes for increasing strength and flexibility every morning. There are four important points. Force of muscle, stamina, balance and flexibility, all for good health.

・Exactly, I’ve been watching repeat episodes of Korean drama “Crash Landing On You” every day.

・I’m into listening to music that I can share from my son’s playlist of Apple music as my eldest son invited me to the service.  And that he sent me an AirPods Pro and his message as my birthday present two days before yesterday. He recommended me to enjoy the music.

・I’m not into anything right now. I’m not into anything now when I am shopping for vegetables or looking for rare tomatoes. There are many kinds of tomatoes. Tomatoes colours are red, orange and green. Tomatoes sizes are from fist size to Azuki bean size.  And tomatoes form, there are a lot of colours, sizes and forms.  We can see new names of rare tomatoes one after another. I interested and looking for a rare tomato. A few years ago I saw a tomato of blackish colour in Peru. The taste was normal.

・I’m into touch-up painting on my car. I look for scratches and peeling of paint and paint them every weekend. But I find new peelings that I couldn’t find before. I may not finish painting this month.

・My hubby is into cooking. He enjoys cooking while drawing on cookbooks and internet homepages. His dish is always moreish and I’m amazed that he builds on his cooking knowledge. He must have a talent for cooking much better than me.


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