英会話無料レッスン 4A49 生徒さんが作った例文

英会話無料レッスン 4A49 生徒さんが作った例文
Have you seen any interesting stuff recently?


This week’s student sample
・I saw a child wearing a T-shirt in this cold weather that interested me.

・Yes. I gave some sparrows food on the bench in the tennis court. Some sparrows ate small food there but some sparrows flew away sucking big food.

Previous student samples
・I saw a web conferencing microphone named Meeting OWL on a TV commercial. It’s a conference room camera with an integrated 360° camera, microphone and speaker. It looks like an owl. A Web conference can be done without having to gather in one room, but some companies need such a device because older people want to get together.

・No, I haven’t. But I had a silent New Year’s Eve and a calm New Year’s Day for the first time. There were no sounds of bells and a small number of visitors.

・I saw my boss trying to keep awake during work. He looked so sleepy, but seemed to endure his sleepiness.

・I saw Diamond Fuji on TV on New Year’s Day.

・While driving on a mountain road, I saw a raccoon dog. It ran slowly.

・I saw a bronze statue which wears a fleece jacket in front of Tsukaguchi Station.

・I watched Back to the Future at my home.

・I always see my son’s funny smiling face. It makes me laugh.

・When I took a picture of my dog to use on a New Year’s card, my dog’s face was very clever-looking (like an honor student’s), so I and my family laughed at the photo.

・I saw snow last Thursday.

I saw huge strawberries when I went grocery shopping. Even though they caught my eye, they looked rather odd and not tasty to me.

・I watched some videos with my family during my New Year’s holiday. The videos were taken by me over 20 years ago. All family members and pets appear in the video. We really enjoyed them.

・No, I haven’t

・I went to Nagano 10 days ago.  I saw a colorful lizard when I was hiking.

・In Shanghai I saw a suitcase that a child can sit on.

・I was playing golf and I saw three deer standing on the green.

・Japanese love being superstitious by tradition especially about the new year. There are a lot of customs and rules even today. A shrine staff said “the area is very holy when people come here they should keep strict rules and reverence of God”. I saw interesting news on TV as a shrine priest recommended to come to our shrine on Hatsumode four days earlier than the New Year because to avoid congestion by COVID-19. I thought is just a worry about money. The minister said that’s terrible nonsense.

・When I was looking at the sky I saw a cloud of a heart on New Year’s Day. I have a feeling that this year will be a good year. I hope the Olympics will be held safely.

・I have not seen any interesting stuff recently because I always stay home and only go outside for food shopping and English school. But I bought an interesting material, Bismuth. We know crystals are very beautiful. So I will see you in the near future.

・Recently I have seen a chef grill steaks in front of me. I went to a steak restaurant with my husband because we celebrated his birthday. The chef cooked very well. We enjoyed watching it and the steak was delicious.

・I haven’t seen anything interesting recently, so I looked for it on my smart-phone camera image folder. However, I only stayed home or went to tennis, so l couldn’t find anything. When I looked at those pictures, I worried that we can’t enjoy anything as before.

・Recently I have seen interesting photos on Twitter. For example a very beautiful sunset, Mt Fuji and the Milky Way, cute cats and a vending machine structure. I can’t see scenes every day so it’s interesting.

・I read a paperback a few days ago. I like to introduce one of the funny stories. In America there were two baseball leagues from the beginning of the 20th century to 1961. One baseball league was only Caucasian and the other was Black league which consists of Africans. And at the end of every year each champion team played you decide the actual winners of the year.

・Last Sunday I went to my daughter’s house. When I entered the room I noticed something unusual. I asked her what happened. She replied that her friend put the electronic kettle on the gas stove. There was a melted electric kettle on the stove. Her friend has never used an electric kettle but I’m glad her friend wasn’t injured.

・Yes, I have. When I went to the hospital and was walking in the big entrance I received some information “please wear a mask, please rub antiseptic solution on your hands, please stop in front of a standing thermometer to check your temperature” from a standing robot. The robot repeats the information again and again. It’s a good job but I felt it’s a noisy robot.

・I watch a unique program on TV because the dog stood up on his hind legs and walked while stepping back about 10 meters. I was surprised but the dog’s motion was very pretty.

・Yes, I have seen a mouthpiece. It’s made by my dentist. It moves my tongue up. I heard if the tongue goes down it causes neck pain and shoulder pain.

・I regret that I can’t answer this question. Every day I do my recreation, study English conversation and eat in a restaurant with my friend or alone. I think that I’m living a full life but I have not seen any interesting stuff recently. Just last month I saw the very beautiful sunset in a Ako. We were watching a wonderful changing view while in the hot-spring. Is that interesting stuff? We had a happy time.

・As a COVID-19 problem got more serious I asked my son how he feels these days. He sent me some Line messages and short movies that some colleagues played cards, played the electric keyboard and was singing a song and another colleague played basketball in the meeting room. He joyed it and he was satisfied with his company’s dormitory life. I felt happy.

・I found a packet of rice crackers on the storage rack in the kitchen. It was opened and remained half full. I couldn’t find food except rice crackers and I was very hungry so I ate them. After I ate, I noticed the use by date was a year ago.