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英会話無料レッスン 4A48 生徒さんが作った例文
What is your top priority right now?


・My top priority is doing my English homework. I make it a rule to do homework or review every day even though I’m tired.

・My top priority is to lose weight.

・My top priority is my health.

・That would be my health. Because I lost health and my condition was considerably severe. I think one’s body is capital.

・My top priority is fun. If I am happy, I can make everyone happy.

・My top priority right now is to sleep well because I’m tired from caring for my parents at their house for two weeks.

・My top priority is my health and protecting myself from COVID-19.

・My top priority right now is not to get sick.

・It’s my job. Actually I do work anytime.

・I have a headache. So my top priority is to get relief from my migraine.

My top priority is my family’s health because living healthy is the most important of all.

This week’s student sample
・My top priority is to use my time effectively.

・It’s to do my job.

Previous student samples
・It’s good health, because I live alone. I don’t want to make trouble for my friends.

・My top priority is keeping my present weight because I always have lots of sweets.

・My top priority is my work.

・My top priority is maintaining my good health both mentally and physically because without it, it limits what I can do on my own.

・It’s to keep my body healthy.

・My top priority is to take care not to catch the coronavirus.

・My top priority is my wife’s happiness. Such a remark is so embarrassing that I cannot tell her directly. But nothing is more important than it.

・My top priority is dance, because dancing is so much fun.

・It’s to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

・To be careful with COVID-19 is my top priority right now.

・With the spread of coronavirus infection, my top priority is keeping myself healthy right now. We need to prevent the collapse of the medical system in Japan.

・My top priority is my health. So, I don’t want to catch a cold.

This week’s student sample
・My top priority is our health. We can’t do the work without health. It goes without saying that health is essential for enjoying life.

・Besides my family‘s health and happiness my top priority, listening to music is so important to me these days. Music gives me good motivation and sometimes a calm feeling.

Previous student samples
・My top priority is to repair my iPhone. Yesterday my cell phone froze up and stopped working. I had better go to a Docomo shop soon.

・Now, I wish the corona trouble would stop. That’s my top priority desire.

・My top priority is keeping my health because I will be having a busy season with my work. So I can’t become ill. I have one thing to be careful. I’ll try not to overeat. If I eat too much I will be sure to become ill. I want to get to spring safely.

・My top priority is health. We can’t make money without health. We also can enjoy our life with our family and friends without health. And happiness is based on health.

・Currently my top priority is to cheer up the mind of my daughter to study harder. Because she’s always sleeping or using her smartphone. Of course she didn’t finish her homework this vacation.

・The priority is to find fun. We can no longer lose to the Covid-19. We will do our best and prepare for the bright future.

・Well I think my present top priority is to spend regular time every day to eat, sleep and exercise because they are important to retain health.

・My priority right now is to continue to support my daughter until her dream come true. My daughter’s dream is to become an English teacher. She planed to study English in a foreign country but she couldn’t go to a foreign country because of COVID-19. I want my daughter to go to a graduate school and to study English in a Scandinavian country.

・My top priority is the health of my body and mind. This is a matter of great importance to me. I am an old woman so that my health is the most serious. Of course I am careful eating and exercising for my health care. And I take a physical exam one time every year. It may be a mere consultation. Our life has changed by COVID-19 but I think we can find a new lifestyle and that is happier than before. I believe it.

・My top priority is to stay healthy because I will not be able to work and not be able to attend English conversation with Michael.

・My top priority is my younger daughter’s health and safety because a new coronavirus is going around. A lot of patients come to the hospital for treatment. Because she is a doctor and she is in a severe situation. I’m worried about her health.

・My top priority is sleeping then eating.

・My top priority now right now is to eat Japanese New Year’s osechi cuisine. Because I fixed a lot of food for my sons and my daughters-in-law but they couldn’t come home. My husband and mother-in-law and I have to eat it. The food is nearly finished before the expiration date.

・My top priority is my health because I got sick last year I thought this year “healthy body can do well”. I want to take care of eating low calorie food and muscle training. Also this year I will do my best exercise and best English conversation.

・I gained weight because I ate too much without any exercise in the New Year’s holiday. Now I have to cut down, lose weight and get fit.

・My top priority right now is to vacuum the floor of my house. I did not vacuum during New Year’s holiday because I did nothing except eating,  drinking and watching TV. Dust is floating in my house. I wish someone would vacuum.

・My top priority is to stay healthy as I have to take care of my family and my old parents. I’ve been careful not to get COVID-19 since last February. I hope that we will get over COVID-19 problem and we will return to our previous lives as soon as possible.


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