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英会話無料レッスン 4A44 生徒さんが作った例文
What do you live for?


This week’s student sample
・I live for seeing my child growing up, talking with my friends, and working. 

・I want to live as healthy and long as possible and enjoy playing tennis. Then I want to help my children and grandchildren and watch over their happiness. I want to try to leave Japan proud of them. 

Previous student samples
・I live for eating delicious dishes and taking trips with my friends.

I live for keeping on taking lessons and traveling somewhere with my friends.

I live for eating delicious foods.

I live for working hard, drinking alcohol with my friends and eating delicious dishes.

I live for extending my healthy life span and enjoying my life.

I live for dancing with everyone.

I live for traveling and studying English.

I live for eating delicious food.

I live for discovering many things that I do not know about. I especially have a strong interest in electronics and computer science. The more I get to know about such sciences, the more I feel that it is worth living.

・I live for eating delicious food, reading good books, enjoying time with my family and working a little.

・Firstly, I live for the happiness and health of myself, my family and my pets. Secondly, I live for developing products as an engineer.

・I live for my job. My job is to build stations.

・I live for my son because I’m happy to be able to see my child’s growth closely.

・I live for my days off but if I didn’t have to work, what I live for wouldn’t be my days off.

This week’s student sample
・I live for my interest. I have a lot of hobbies and it is satisfying to my interest. To go on a trip, collect gemstones, ride a motorcycle, gambling etc. make me happy. But these hobbies need a lot of money so I spend a lot of time to get money. When I think about it, I might as well be living for the money.

・I live for to express and write my thoughts on a large piece of paper. I get joy when I write well.

Previous student samples
・I live for playing golf as I want to keep a healthy condition until 85 years old and speaking English to prevent dementia.

・I live for tennis so I play tennis four times a week. Tennis has several good points. First I can become slim and anyone can play. This morning I played tennis with Michael. Michael’s play style is not to move so he can play tennis for a long time. So I have never seen Michael out of breath.

・It’s difficult to answer this question even if I use Japanese. I don’t have a special purpose in my life. But I want to cherish little happiness such as spending time with my family, reading books freely and drinking alcohol with my friends.

・I live for my hobby. I want to have fun all my life so I must do my work a lot of the time to get money. It is for my hobby but I can use my money a little for that. Therefore I must investigate about getting more money or a method to increase my money. Thinking that way I live to get money. It is sad.

・I live to eat and travel. It wasn’t important when I was a child. It was like that when I realized the two things are important for me.

・It’s a thoughtful and difficult problem when I come to think of it. I’ve been keeping to myself. In my life there are a lot of stages, when I was a child, as a man, as a friend, as a father and as a lover. I’ve been doing my favourite styles. I found my role in each scene and I want to be with the originality of myself. In that way I could feel my joy and pleasure.

・I hope my sons will enjoy their life in the future. They are a little sick because they cannot play freely because of the coronavirus. But I play around and do what I like. I want them to know that they can play in any situation. My purpose is my sons. I will continue to play and wait until they understand why l do so.

・I live for happiness and the health of my family. The family of two children is harmonious and I expected that three grandchildren grow up quickly and healthy.

・I live for my family my darling and my son and two dogs. They are my purpose of life itself.

・I live for raising my grandchild and taking care of my cat.

・I live to study calligraphy more and I want to make good my work of my art.

・I live for my dog Ren. Because he is both pretty and smart he has fluffy hair.

・Tap dancing is my life because the lesson is very happy and circle members are kind and have cheerful characters. What is more the teacher teachers ask kindly. So I’m looking forward to seeing them every time.

・I love for wishing my children’s wellness and happiness as they grow up. I’ll always be there for them from here.

・I live for new discoveries and having a lot of experience in my life.

・I was perplexed by this question. I have no object in my life. But I have many places that I want to go and I have a lot of things that I want to do. Of course I want to see my granddaughters grow up. I just always try to live. As I say to my husband that I had a good day today. This is my life maybe well this is my lifestyle.

・What do I live for? I can’t come up with an idea. I think it’s too hard. I live for living harmoniously with my husband….maybe.

・Doing English homework is what I live for. Usually I do homework on Saturday morning. Some Saturdays I do homework in my apartment and other Saturdays I do homework in a coffee shop and I do homework on Odaigahara while taking photos of stars. In some cases I can’t do homework because I’m busy taking photos of stars. Anyway doing English homework is what I live for.

・I live to challenge everything that I’m interested in. It will cost a lot of money to challenge a new thing and I may fail. All experiences will make my life richer. But to tell the truth I don’t want to fail anymore.

・My hubby lives for betting on horse racing. Even if he loses at the races, dries up his pocket money and kicks himself he enjoys the races next week.

・I live to imagine a bright future in which animals are not slaughtered by humans. And think about what I can do about the global environment.

I live for myself, my family, my friends, and my favorite people.

I live for my wife.

I live for the bar exam. If I pass the exam, I will leave for work after that.

I live for having relaxation time and feeling happiness at home.

I live for making someone happy.

Takarazuka Revue makes life worth living. I often go to see Takarazuka Revue shows. Furthermore, I love horse racing. I enjoy betting on horse races every weekend. It is my ideal situation to buy many Takarazuka Revue tickets with the money which I make on the horse races.

I live for thinking and acting on my own to help people suffering from illness or disability and their families.

I live for my wife, my mother, and hot spring trips.

I live for my husband, talking with friends, traveling, eating, and the Hanshin Tigers.

I live for going to Europe again, after the coronavirus calms down.


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