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英会話無料レッスン 4A30 生徒さんが作った例文
What are you going to treat yourself to as a little “reward”?


・I wanna go to the spa again and just relax. It was really amazing last time.

・To go shopping and get a new pair of shoes is my reward for myself.

・As a clean rooms, toilets and a bathroom this morning I want to have a break time at the Starbucks coffee shop as a little reward for me.

・I’m going to use aroma oil as a little reward for myself. I want eucalyptus oil because it smells very good and keeps mosquitoes away. I also like mint oil. Mint oil smells very refreshing and has a strong power that keeps mosquitoes away.

・I would like to go to some good restaurants and enjoy their good food.

・I’m going to treat myself to going to Takarazuka Revue shows as a little “reward”.


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