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英会話無料レッスン 4A25 生徒さんが作った例文
What did you search for on the Internet recently?


・Recently I found some good game event information while searching on the Internet.

・I searched for a book that is very nice.

・I search the Internet for music.

・Recently I searched on the Internet for a hotel where my friend and I plan to stay at in Kanagawa.

・I searched for some English words that I didn’t know.

・I searched for some books which my father had asked me to buy. I compared the price on some websites and bought the books which were the cheapest.

・I searched for Typhoon 14 on the internet, because I wanted to know when it would rain.

・Today, I searched for the way to remove the bugs in the program I made. Every day, I search for something on the Internet, because I am a software engineer.

・I searched for birthday presents for my grandmother.

・Recently I searched for some tofu recipes.

・I searched for rain cloud radar online.

・I searched for some places to open a bar.

・I searched for campsites. It’s starting to get cool, so I want to go camping.

・I searched for the track of a typhoon.

・I searched for the conflict of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the internet recently. I don’t know why but I could not see the news on Japanese TV.

・I searched for the location of a mailbox around Umeda Station on the Google Maps app last week to post an envelope on my way home.

This week’s student samples
・I search the internet for the meaning of and how to read Chinese characters.

Previous student samples
・I researched the difference between signboards and signs on the road. As you know there are a lot of different signboards at intersections. Sometimes we have to pause (temporary stop) when crossing roads.

・Recently I search for Asuka Museum of Art. There are many replicas on exhibition for example Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Sistine Chapel, Leonardo Divinci‘s Last Supper etc. but it takes time to appreciate. Two hours is not enough. Asuka Museum of Art is located in Narito,
Tokushima. Price is a little expensive tax included ¥3300.

・I searched for the information about Daisen area because I’m now planning to go there by motorcycle this month. This season we can see the beautiful autumn leaves in there. And I want to eat good food, we can feel autumn.

・I searched for how to polish stones. Last Saturday I and my wife went to mine stones with Master Red. We took some pieces of crystal, and Master Red gave other stones to us. I decided to decorate those stones and wanted to know how to polish them. Finally I bought some polishing paper and I’m polishing hard now.

・Recently I researched deer horns in Nara. I was interested because I heard that my friend went to buy them for a dog snack.

・This morning the cloud was beautiful. So I search what cloud it was. The cloud was mackerel sky.

・I bought my daughter’s birthday present on the internet. My daughter‘s birthday was October 6. She is 20 years old so I wanted to give her a special present. It is said that giving a gift of gold on her 20th birthday will make her happy. So I gave her a gold necklace.

・I searched for the department event on the internet this Monday and I was so happy to find the event of the Hokkaido exhibition at Namba Takashima coincidentally. I looked for Horsehair crab for my mother because I wanted her to have delicious crab especially she loves crab miso and it was her birthday.

・I search on the internet by my personal computer every day. I’m searching for the local news, the world news and weather report. Sometimes I search for the information on an overseas trip. And sometimes I search by Google how to pronounce English. I need the internet in my life. That is very helpful for me. But be careful my time is running out.

・I searched for a limited express Hankyu schedule last Sunday because I need to get some tickets the day before.

・I searched for a store specialising in women’s clothing with the fashion magazine because I want to buy new clothes this winter.

・I searched for a recipe of salsa sauce on the internet recently. I checked the quantity of each ingredient but I put onion and tomato as much as I like. I ate two slices of toast with salsa sauce in the morning for three days in a row because I made a bowl full of salsa sauce.

・I checked the weather forecast because the typhoon is coming. Recently we are often caught in extreme weather, the sky clouds over suddenly, it pours down and the rain will clear up soon. During every typhoon, we are frightened if we will be flooded out. The extreme weather is probably caused by global warming which is brought about by humans. It’s poetic justice.

・Recently I searched for a hotel because I want to go traveling again with my family using the Go To campaign service. I already received the money from the government therefore I want to use this money to activate the Japanese economy.

・I searched the internet for golf clothes.

・I researched the “Goto” Travel campaign recently and my husband and I could take a trip to Shizuoka and Kobe.

・I searched for the release dates of the newest TV games.

・While reading Smith’s blogs in English, I researched words that I didn’t know, for example “adaptability, incredible.”

・I am moving to a new location in January so I have been researching new homes.

・I searched for shrines in Sagamihara and was surprised to find that there are over 200 in this city!

・What I’ve searched on the internet is how to make “onsen tamago” with a utensil I bought at the 100-yen shop a long time ago. I lost the instructions and found them on the internet.

This week’s student samples
・I searched for easy to cook recipes. I hate cooking everyday.

Recently, I searched for avocado tree information. I’m growing an avocado tree, but the trunk is thin. So I searched for how to make it thick.

Previous student samples
・ I searched for kidney stones, because my mother-in-law has surgery for kidney stones.

・ I searched for a Japanese restaurant that guests can smoke at the table.

・I have searched for kinds of titles for Shogi and how to get the title.

・Recently, I searched for the opening procedures for a new business, because I will open a clothes repair shop in August.

・Recently I searched for how to make ramen on the Internet.

・I searched how to pronounce “L” on the Internet.

・I searched for bus tours on the Internet because I want to go on a family trip this month.

・I searched for a hypnosis microphone.

・I searched for Tennoji Zoo because I plan to go there with my friends in two weeks.

・ I checked the schedule of the beauty salon I always go to.

・I recently searched the Internet for a site that calculates Wi-Fi speeds.

・I search everything on the Internet but I have searched about some fun things on Google maps recently.

・I searched for the places which are only open to the public on specific days in autumn in Kyoto.

・I searched for the course of the typhoon on the Internet recently. Because I wanted to know this weekend’s weather.


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