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英会話無料レッスン 4A24 生徒さんが作った例文
Do you have a favorite foreign artist?


・I like The Beatles. Listening to their songs makes me want to go to the UK.

・Of course I do. I have many artists I really like but my favorite is Charlie Puth.

・My favorite foreign artist is Dagames. I like his songs because they are game songs.

・I’m too young to have a favorite foreign artist.

・My favorite artist is Mozart. Because my friend likes him. I listened to his song with her. So I like him.

・My favorite foreign artist is Lady Gaga. While listening to her songs, I feel released and go abroad. I like Madonna, too. I used to listen her songs when I studied in the U.K. Therefore her songs make me remember my youth.

・Yes! I like Billy Joel. I have all his albums and some of his DVDS. He is not such a good-looking man, but his sound is really good. He has a concert every month in NY. Someday, I want to go there to watch his concert.

・I like Queen. I think Freddie Mercury is an extremely talented singer and “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a great musical masterpiece in the twentieth century.

・I like Banksy who is a graffiti artist. His performance is always stinging satire and fascinates me.

・I like Clint Eastwood. He is an ordinary actor but has great talent as a film director. His movies are heartwarming and reflect contemporary social conditions.

・My favorite artist is Jerry Lorenzo. He is an American fashion designer.

・Yes, I like Kanye West because I’m interested in his music & his personality.

・Actually, I’m not that familiar with artists, but I prefer terra-cotta & other sculptures.

・I like Claude Monet. I visited his house before in France. There were a lot of flowers in his garden. There was a lotus pond. He painted many pictures of a lotus pond.

・There are many artists I like. I like Anne Marie, Rachel Platten, Lauv, John Legend and more. Their music calms me down and makes me feel positive.

・No, I don’t, because unfortunately I’m not interested in music.

・My favorite artist is Schulz because I like Snoopy. Because Snoopy is funny, it’s fun for me.

・No, I don’t, but I want to know what kind of person Banksy is, who writes caricatures all over the world. Banksy Exhibition will be held at Osaka Nanko ATC Hall from October 9th, so I would like to go see it.

・Yes. I like Jeff Beck and Neil Young. I love guitar music.

・Yes, I do. I like Ed Sheeran. I like his music.

・My favorite foreign artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. So, I went to Italy last year.

・I like the British band Queen. I think their songs and their history are wonderful.

・Yes, my favorite foreign artist is Maluma. He is a Latin singer. I like his music, dance and Spanish sound.

・Of course I do. I have many favorite artists. For example, Carpenters, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift,  Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Beyoncé and The Black Eyed Peas. I really have more favorite artists.

・Yes, I’ve like Michael Schenker, a heavy metal guitarist, since I was young and I’ve been to his concerts several times. His emotional and technical playing was great, so Japanese guitar kids call him God. Now he’s 65 years old, but we can watch him perform the same solo guitar pieces on Youtube as he did when he was young at concerts.

・I like Wham! George Michael is a vocalist. And he wrote and composed the lyrics. Some famous songs are FAITH and The Last Christmas.

・I like Celine Dion, although I don’t have her albums at all. Her music always relaxes me.

・Yes, I do. My favorite foreign artists are the Queen members. Their songs have been used as theme songs for a Japanese drama. The drama made me like their songs.

This week’s student samples
・Yes I have an artist. And I went to see an exhibition of the artist at the Kintetsu Department of Osaka. Tove Janssen was the artist born in August 1914 in Finland and she died June 2001. She was 86 years old. Her masterpiece was Moomin. Moomin the art and story opened at the Abeno Harukas Art Museum.

Previous student samples
・Thomas Sean Connery, Gary Cooper and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don’t know so many artists as I didn’t have many hobbies like music, movies, etc during my younger age.

・Sia is my favorite singer right now. She is from Adelaide, South Australia, her music is based on hip-hop, funk, and soul music. She also collaborates with various famous artists. I like her unique view of the world.

・I have many favourite artists. I recently know a British singer Calum Scott. I like his voice. Music is important to me. I listen to western music when I study English and I listen to rock music when I clean my home. I increase my energy level this way.

・I like pictures. I like painters of the Baroque period especially. I like Vermeer and Rembrandt. They draw the essentials of a person and things. It is expressed by light and shadow dramatically. It’s like the artistic photograph.

・No I don’t. I’m not familiar with foreign artists but I recently found a song I like. The name of this song is “Here I Am.” The artist singing this song is Sertab Erener. I found her voice is very nice.

・I can’t think of my favourite foreign artist now. I like to go to museums. I like to listen to music but I don’t have a special favourite artist. If I can get out to see paintings and go to the concert I would tell you my favourite foreign artist.

・My favourite foreign artist is Johannes Vermeer who was a Netherlands painter. He is famous for his way of using light called “lighting magician”. I went to see his exhibition at the Tennoji Museum last year. I was attracted to his painting.

・I don’t know foreign music very well but I often listen to the songs of Eric Clapton. I like his songs, voice and guitar.

・I like Ariana Grande,  she has a clear beautiful voice. My daughter knows that I like her songs so she brought her CD and gave it to me. I was happy and I always drive listening to her song.

・I like the Carpenters. Their songs are cheerful. I want to sing a song. I want to speak English well.

・My favourite foreign artist is Celtic Woman because I like the clean singing voice and I like “You Raise Me Up”.

・No, I’m interested in Broadway musicals. I’ve heard that many shows catch on and they booked up soon after the tickets are on sale. If I visit New York I want to go there.

・My favourite artist is Joey Negro. He is one of the most famous DJs and producers of disco music. When I find his album and I don’t have it I will buy it without hesitation. I also want his record but his record is getting expensive immediately after he releases it so I can’t buy it.

・Michael Jackson was my favorite artist because he sang and danced so well.

・”Tokio Hotel” was my favorite rock group. It is an all boy band. The lead vocalist has a high voice and sounds good. But they changed their style so I don’t like their new music.

・ I usually listen to music on amazon prime. I discover new songs every week. I like Ingrid Michaelson. She gives me positive energy!!

・Daniel Powter is my favorite artist. He is from Canada and my favorite song is “Bad Day.”

・I have four favorite foreign actors- Tom Hanks, Keane Reeves, Matt Damon, and Tom Cruise. Tom Hanks is my number one favorite.

・Freddy Mercury is my favorite foreign artist. I enjoyed watching Bohemian Rhapsody and his voice was so good.

・My favorite foreign artist is the band “Toto.” I like their song called “Africa.”

This week’s student samples
・Yes I do. I love Taylor Swift.

Yes I do. My favorite foreign artist is ABBA.

Previous student samples
・Yes I do. My favorite foreign artist is Taylor Swift.

・Yes.  I like the Beatles

・Yes I do. My favorite foreign artists are Sia, Taylor Swift and BTS.

・My favorite foreign artist is Banksy. Because not only are his paintings good, but he also paints satire and black humor without being restrained by anyone.

・No, I don’t but recently I’m interested in Banksy. Next month, I’m going to a Banksy exhibition.

・Yes I do. I like Human League because I went to their concert when I was a university student. All of the audience was dancing.

・My favorite foreign artist is Mariah Carey. Because she has a soulful voice and she sings powerfully.

・Yes I do.  I love the work of French poster artist Savignac.

・Yes.  My favorite foreign artist is Escher.

・I don’t know much about foreign artists but I like Queen.

・Yes.  My favorite foreign artist is John Legend. Because he is the only artist who made me cry with a song.

・Yes I do. My favorite foreign artists are Earth Wind & Fire and Billy Joel.

・I used to listen to 80’s American musicians.  I like them.

・Yes, I do. My favorite foreign artist is the Carpenters. Because their music is so impressive.

・Yes. My favorite foreign artist is Sting.  I went to his concert last October. He was still cool.


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