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英会話無料レッスン 4A23 生徒さんが作った例文
What Japanese food would you recommend to a friend visiting from abroad?


・When a friend from abroad visits me, I recommend Daifuku.

・The Japanese food I recommend is Sushi.

・When my friend from abroad visits me I recommend Tempura.

・I would recommend Ramen to a foreign visitor. Once my family had visitors from Belgium and we took them to a ramen restaurant and they seemed to be very satisfied.

・If he/she is not a vegetarian, then I would recommend him/her to try Yakiniku.

・I like edamame so I would recommend edamame.

・Japan’s most famous food is sushi so I would recommend sushi.

・Sekihan is very delicious. So I would recommend sekihan.

・I would recommend “Udon”. There are many kinds of Udon around Japan. Some Udon noodles are thin, and some noodles are thick. But I recommend “Sanuki Udon”. It’s noodles are thick and hard.

・I would recommend sushi. Because sushi is simple food just rice and raw fish. But It’s taste is very delicious and make me happy.

・I would recommend him to try Ramen with pork bone soup. Because my son-in-law who is Australian likes it very much.

・If she is interested in diet foods, I would recommend her to go to Mt.Koyasan and try traditional vegetarian cooking of Buddhist monks. It’s delicious and healthy.

・If they are young, I would recommend them to go to big-train sushi shop. They would enjoy reasonable sushi and the newest sushi shop system.

This week’s student samples
・I would recommend soba. It is healthy, simple, and delicious.

Previous student samples
・One of my recommendations would be carage (fried chicken) because it is daily food that most people like.

I would recommend sukiyaki because it is sweet, salty and delicious. The beef is thick, and I like it with raw egg.

・I would recommend matcha, powdered green tea because it is good for your health, and full of vitamin C.

・I recommend unadon, eel on rice, eaten with a sweet sauce. It’s delicious, juicy, and tender.

・I would recommend miso soup because there are many kinds of tastes throughout Japan.

・I would like to introduce my foreign friends to ekiben, train station lunch box. It’s small and beautiful!

・I would recommend trying Conveyor belt sushi. It’s interesting and tastes good.

・I would recommend Tempura. I really want you to try Tempura at least once.

・I would recommend nikujaga, which is a traditional Japanese food with a soy-based taste, to friends visiting from abroad.

・Before the Coronavirus, my friends from America visited me. I took them to the matsuri & we ate some of the local food from food stands & they enjoyed it, so I’ll continue to recommend that to others from abroad.

・I would recommend yakisoba to a friend visiting from abroad. There are two flavors, salt or sauce.

・I would recommend ramen to a friend.

I would recommend the food at an anime cafe.

I would recommend eating sushi, ramen. soba, udon, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, yakisoba and okonomiyaki.

I would recommend eating sukiyaki.

I would recommendhand rolled sushi to a friend who is visiting from abroad.

I would recommend yakitori because there are so many kinds to enjoy eating.

To a first time friend, I would recommend sushi. To a friend who has visited many times, I would recommend takoyaki.

I would recommend eating kakinotane.

I would recommend tempura to him.

This week’s student samples
・I would recommend sushi or tempura.

Dango is delicious. So, I would recommend dango.

Previous student samples
・I would recommend Takoyaki and Akashiyaki. Akashiyaki is similar to Takoyaki. We soak it in clear soup and eat it. I want my friends to eat and compare them.

I would recommend Ramen to a friend. Sushi and Sashimi are more famous but many foreigners can’t eat raw fish.

I would recommend Modanyaki to foreign customers.

The Japanese food I recommend is Okonomiyaki.

I would recommend rice cake. Rice cakes are often eaten in winter. Rice cakes are eaten in various ways, such as kinako mochi and rice cake soup.

I would recommend tempura because you can enjoy various types of tempura.

There is no doubt your friend is going to like many kinds of food. I highly recommend Gyudon.

I would recommend tempura, ramen, okonomiyaki and melon bread, because five years ago, when I accepted an exchange student from Finland for three months, they were her favorite Japanese foods.

I recommend Japanese rice balls. They have a lot of taste, and I think friends would have fun.

I would recommend potato croquette to my friend. Because I have never seen that in other countries, it may be a good Japanese dish to be recommended.

・I would recommend a friend Tempura because I like it the most out of all Japanese foods.

When my friend or co-worker from abroad visits me, I recommend Okonomiyaki.

・I would recommend to go to a kaitenzushi restaurant because we can eat reasonably-priced sushi and other Japanese foods there.

・The Japanese food I recommend is green tea ice cream. Green tea ice cream is sweet and it is slightly bitter.

・I would recommend tempura. Freshly fried tempura is very delicious and you can eat your favourite ingredients such as seafood and vegetables.

・I would recommend ramen. There are various types of ramen in Japan. The taste is completely different depending on the type. I have eaten ramen from Hokkaido to Kyushu. My number one recommendation is miso ramen of Hokkaido. Among them, Sumire’s ramen is the best but if you eat too much you will definitely get fat.

・I would recommend Sushi. I think most of them know and have eaten it, because it is famous all over the world and there are so many Sushi shops not only in Japan but also around the world. But I also think only a few of them have eaten real Sushi of Japan, so I want them to eat it, and notice the difference between the taste of foreign one and the genuine taste of Japanese one.

・I would recommend tempura because we can eat fresh vegetables, fish, shrimp and squid. They are healthy.

・I would recommend Ohagi to a foreigner.  When my friend and her foreign friend visited my home I made Ohagi for them and we ate it. Then her friend complimented with a contented look to me.

・I have a restaurant that I would recommend to you. I will go to my favourite restaurant whenever visitors from abroad come to Japan. We always have lunch in Kyo kaiseki in this restaurant. This restaurant is in Kyoto Higashiyama near the Kiyomizu temple.

・I would like to recommend ochazuke. Ochazuke is rice soup with green tea and typical Japanese food umeboshi (salted plum), Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) and grilled salmon. He can enjoy Japanese food and culture through Ochazuke.

・I’d like to take friends around to a special restaurant building on the river in Kyoto in summer season. We can enjoy stunning upmarket Japanese food and while away with the river sound. I recommend Japanese healthy cuisine called Sho-jin food if the friend wants to cut down.


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