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英会話無料レッスン 4A21 生徒さんが作った例文
What would you do if you had a week off?


・I would go skiing in Hokkaido if I had a week off because I have never been to Hokkaido for skiing. But I don’t think that would happen as my school would give me lots of homework.

・If I had a week off, I go to Nagano to ski.

・If I had a week off, I would go to Nagano to eat frozen Kitkats.

・What would you do if you had a week off? I’m interested in scuba diving. So I want to go to Okinawa for scuba diving.

・I would go to Europe if I had a week off and lots of money.

・I would go skiing if I had a week off in winter.

・I want to play games.

・I want to take trips many places.

・I want to go to my grandmother’s house if I had one week off.

・I would like to visit South America because I want see the Machu Picchu, the ancient Ruins. But I know I am too lazy to plan the travel and I will stay home for ten days.

・I’d like to visit Mexico because I’ve never been to a Spanish-speaking country, and I want to experience their culture.

・If I had a week off I would go to Biwa lake because I want to go fishing there.

・If I had a week off I would just laze around at home.

・If I had a week off I would stay at a ryokan and enjoy the hot springs there.

This week’s student samples
・I would watch movies and read books if I had a week off.

・Unfortunately, I wouldn’t go anywhere in this situation. Therefore, I would soak myself with English every day.

Previous student samples
・I would visit my friend’s family. But I can’t go to their house because of the new coronavirus.

・If I had a week off, I would go to Vietnam. But I can’t go there because Vietnam is kicking foreigners out due to the new coronavirus now.

・When this coronavirus situation settles down, I’d like to go abroad such as Australia and New Zealand somewhere there is a lot of nature. I just want to relax while feeling nature and spend time without thinking about daily life.

・I would like to start playing golf because I need to play golf to be a managing director of our Thai subsidiary.

・I would do as usual because I’m already retired.

・If it wasn’t for COVID-19, I would travel abroad.

・I would go stay at a hotel, because I don’t want to do housework.

・I would go on a trip to Hokkaido.

・If I had a week off, I would clean up my house.

・If I had a week off, I would study English like studying it abroad.

・I would go to Oita Prefecture to soak in a hot spring.

・I would go to a quiet place somewhere and read many books.

・I would go shopping and eat in a restaurant in Osaka.

・If I had a week off, I would do diet exercise to lose 3 kg, because when I’m at work, I often eat something to get rid of stress, so I don’t diet.

・I would go to New Zealand to see my friend.

・I would go to a beach where there is a view of the sea and stay at a luxury hotel.

・If I had a week off, I would go to see an aurora. A staff member at a travel agency said that her recommendation was Yellowknife in Canada.

・I want to study makeup and eat delicious food so I would go to Korea.

・If I had a week off, I want to try to stay in a beautiful place of nature. For instance, I would like to go to low mountains. I like Venus line.

・If I had a week off I would go to Okinawa.

・If I had a week off I would go to Hawaii.

・I love watching football games so I want to go to Italy to watch football games.

・If I had a week off, I would go shopping, and go on a trip to Tokyo.

・If I had a week off I’d like to go somewhere in Japan that I’ve never been to, for example Shikoku.

・If I had a week off I would like to visit the islands of Okinawa and go snorkeling.

・I would take a trip around Japan on my motorcycle.

・If I had a week off I would do housework. I love cleaning and cooking.

・If I had a week off I would find another mountain to climb.

・If I had a week off I’d like to go to a famous place like Kyoto, but it is difficult now because of Coronavirus.

・If I had a week off, I’d like to go abroad to like Hawaii and so on with my parents. That’s my dream now.

This week’s student samples
・At the moment I have almost every day off. Can you imagine the scene? Hahaha.

I want to go on a trip by motorcycle if I had a week off without my family. But I cannot get approval from my wife. So realistically I will do the housekeeping if I have to. I want to go out and go to see various things and eat lots of local food.

Previous student samples
・I want to go to Europe and space if possible.

・I want to go camping in a place where I can see Mt Fuji because I often go camping in the mountain. Until now I can’t enjoy the view there. Mt Fuji is a little far away so I can’t go there on a normal day off. But I really want to go to Korea but I can’t go there for the time being because of coronavirus.

・If I had a week off I would go to Yoron Island. Yoron is a small island in Kagoshima. The location is near Okinawa. Yoron Island is a nice place where the sea is beautiful and relaxing.  I’m wondering about the shape of graves there. Next time if I go to this island I want to learn also history and folklore.

・My son was transferred to Kyushu a week ago. His room is two stations from his Kokura office. He began his first single life. He doesn’t have a TV and enough living tools. I’ve not been to the town so I want to go to Kokura and Shimanoseki for sightseeing and to see his living conditions.

・If I had a week off I want to go abroad. But I can’t because I’m worried about leaving my cats.

・If I had a week off I want to go around Hokkaido on a motorcycle. Autumn comes earlier in Hokkaido than in Honshu. The autumn scenery of Furano and Biei is very wonderful. Appetite increases in autumn so I would like to eat ramen, lamb, roasted corn, crab, potato with butter surf cram and salmon. By the time I return to Osaka I will be a fat boy. By the way my motorcycle’s name is Fatboy.

・I have every day off. I was pressed for time when I was working. I was very busy with my job and housework. But now I am getting along at my pace. I understand that I need self-management so I made a schedule for a week and did it. I think that I am enjoying my old age. Perhaps I’m very lucky with my good health and freedom.

・I would like to stay at a luxury hotel alone in Kyoto to make myself at home for a week. I would like to visit some temples and shrines. It’s so important to me that I just sit back and enjoy the services offered.

・I would go on a trip somewhere with my daughter but I couldn’t meet her and talk to her because coronavirus has not been settled yet.

・I want to catch up with my old friends whom I knocked around within my school days.

・If I had a week off I would restore my motorbike because I have never started the engine or ridden it for two years. One week’s time I want to enjoy riding but I wonder if I can finish the restoration in one week.

This week’s student samples
・If I had a week off I would go to a hot spring in Kyushu.

・I would go to Bali again if I had a week off.

Previous student samples
・If I had a week off I would go to Spain. I would go to see Gaudi’s architecture, and I would eat delicious food and drink delicious alcohol.

・I would take a trip somewhere for four days, play golf for 1 day, and I would spend the other two days at home relaxing.

・ I would go abroad at the cheapest price possible.  I would drink alcohol every day in the day time.

・I’d go on a trip for half of the time and I would stay at home for the rest of the time.

・I would hike up the Japan Alps.

・If I had a week off I would watch TV shows that I recorded.

・Now even if I had a week off, I can’t do much of what was possible before because COVID-19 hasn’t been overcome yet.  I would spend a week every day taking a walk, doing laundry, watching TV and reading books.  I might clean my house thoroughly.

・If I have a week off I want to travel abroad, but we can’t go abroad now, so I would spend it watching my favorite TV drama.

・If I had a week off, I would like to visit Chichibu Island in the Ogasawara Islands.

・ I would like to go climb the mountains with my tent and bring food for a whole week.

・If I had a week off, I would watch Youtube, read a book, sleep a lot, and go on a trip to Kyoto and Nara with my family.

・I’d like to go to Nagasaki to find out about the Christian roots in Japan.


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