英会話無料レッスン 4A20 生徒さんが作った例文

英会話無料レッスン 4A20 生徒さんが作った例文
What helped you to unwind recently?


・Eating cookies helped me to unwind.

・Holding my big soft toy helped me to unwind.

・Many books help me to unwind.

This week’s student samples
・Last Sunday I talk with my son who lives in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture on Line video. I was relieved to see my nine month old granddaughter. Her face was round and had apple like cheeks.

・There is a great teashop room around here. Half a year ago I found it coincidentally before coming to this class and I felt it was very comfortable. This shop is closed due to this state of emergency but I’m looking forward to buying tea leaves and some sweets to go this weekend.

Previous student samples
・Some days ago when I watched TV at my home, my daughter Fumie massaged her mother’s shoulder for a long time.

・Recently, deer were eating grass in the hotel garden when I was eating dinner in Lake Akan HoteI. I was very unwound. The two deer were a parent and child. There is no enemy near the hotel so they came to the hotel many times. So I was unwound.

・The child next door is four years old. The other day she came back to her home with a boyfriend. The boyfriend is four years old. Our home is on the third floor. The four years old boy brings her to her home on the third floor. He was waving his hand with an embarrassed face. I unwound looking at it.

・When I stayed on the last trip we enjoyed a night in the deep mountain. After having finished dinner and taken the outside bath, I spent the cool fresh night on the bench of the balcony. Then a tiny stunk beetle stopped on my chest and seemed to be comfortable and it stayed there. We spent the unwound time together for a while looking at the spangles of stars.

・I had lunch with my wife at a mountain cafe two weeks ago. The cafe is in a famous place as a motorcycle temple and the view was very good. We were able to unwind very much.

・Last Sunday I went to Shirasaki in Wakayama. There were a blue sea and white rocks. The scenery was so beautiful I unwound. But when I was watching the movement of the waves I got sick.

・Two of my cats help me to unwind. It was thundering a lot lately. The female cat is glazing out through the window. The male cat escapes and hides. Both are cute and now relaxed.

・My husband cooked lunch. Eating lunch helped me to unwind. My husband is a very gentleman.

・I work for an insurance company. We are very busy with financial results September and March. When I’m busy I always eat chocolate then I feel very refreshed but my waist grows bigger and bigger.

・My daughter’s husband takes a bath with his son every night.

・It helped me to unwind by listening to the Kinki Kids CD after a long time.

・My daughter went to an Arashi exhibit. She bought a hand mirror and gave it to me. That helped me unwind.

・Recently I got a set of bubble soaps. So when  I played with my dog I blew bubbles. He hadn’t seen any soap bubbles. He wondered about it and thought he would be able to eat them. So he tried but the bubbles faded away.

・I felt at ease when I was eating Japanese sweets. I think Japanese sweets and green tea are the best matches. The Japanese sweets have four seasons the same as Japanese food but my favourite combination is Japanese season’s sweets and matcha. They help me to unwind at any time.

・Listening to my favourite radio program while drinking beer helps me unwind. After dinner I listen to one song on the radio this is Japanese pop music from 1980. I’m looking for a record of this song. I found this record on the Internet but it cost over ¥20,000. The price doesn’t help me to unwind.

・Recently I’ve been listening to music when making the lecture slides at work. Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii is a blind pianist and his piano makes me unwind. I think he is the most impressive pianist in the world because not only the technique but also sensitivity and purity are very good. There is no doubt he is talented. He must be making an incredible effort whenever he is playing the piano. He seems to be purely enjoying the piano. Therefore I am drawn to his music. I strongly recommend you look at YouTube which you will see Nobuyuki Tsujii play the piano very well.

・When I visited my friend’s home last week, I played with their children & that helped me to unwind.

・Due to Covid-19, a lot of luxury hotels have drastically lowered their prices, so I was able to take advantage of it recently to unwind.

・For me, working helps me to unwind

・Recently I went to a cafe and had chai there, which helped me to unwind.

・I received chiropractic care last Friday in Osaka. On my way home from Osaka, I bought chirashizushi and sakura mochi for lunch. They were very delicious.

・Getting acupressure always helps me to unwind.

・When I went to see a karate lesson for my son, I stood outside near the bicycle parking area. A mother came to pick her son up with her baby who was sitting at the front of her bicycle. When she was going to park her bicycle, she lost her balance and fell down. I was shocked but helped her immediately, then I was worried about her baby but when I saw the baby, he was smiling at me. It helped me to unwind and feel relieved.

・Looking at my grandchild helped me to unwind.

・A turtle basking in the sun helped me to unwind.

・I watched some funny videos of cats and dogs.

・Recently, I and my wife went to Kano River in Kyoto and saw a bird wiping the water, as if cheering for somebody. That cute motion helped us to unwind.

・A male baby smiled at me even though I was wearing a mask.

・Last week I went to Manshu of Gyoza for the first time and ate gyoza. I was surprised because it was cheap but very delicious.

・I unwound by watching a video of my grandchild.

・Grinding and brewing coffee by hand helps me to unwind.

・I saw a video about a dog that takes care of a human baby.

・I unwind by eating high-end ice-cream.

・Seeing my daughter studying hiragana helped me to unwind.

・When I watched fireworks on TV, I could unwind.

・Having a massage helped me unwind.

・I was relieved that my son had gotten a perfect score in the national math test.

This week’s student samples
・Watching an animal movie helped me unwind. A dog was doing yoga with a woman. It was cute. Ms Amano

・Helping my wife’s father organize his vegetable garden helped me unwind. Mr. Ishihara

Previous student samples
・I visited my hometown recently. I went into a shop and there was a cute dog inside. Stroking the dog for a while helped me unwind.

・I took a nap with my dog. It helped me unwind.

・I was watching Youtube and saw a program about a baby sleeping with a lot of puppies. That helped me unwind.

・I went to the beach last Sunday. I swam in the sea and took a hot spring bath. It helped me unwind and was very relaxing.

・I enjoyed cleaning my motorcycle last weekend. It helped me unwind.

・Riding my motorcycle to Mt. Fuji last weekend helped me unwind.

・Last week I climbed Nikko Shirane Mountain. The climb and the view of the lake helped me unwind.

・I listen to podcasts to help me unwind.

・Last month my nephew’s wife had a baby boy. Watching the video and listening to his voice helped me unwind.

This week’s student samples
My friend in Shizuoka gave me green tea. The special product of Shizuoka gave me green tea. That helped me to unwind.

・Recently it rains every day. When I looked at the sunshine it helped me to unwind.

Previous student samples
・I cut the stem of my pachira plant and I used hydroponics to grow new roots. Recently the roots grew. It helped me to unwind.

・Watching my niece’s movies helped me to unwind.

・I looked at my friend’s grandson’s pictures. That helped me to unwind.

・I went to Balilax Umeda last Friday. That helped me to unwind.

・Stroking my cat’s Kotetsu’s tummy helped me unwind.  His existence is always my healing.

・Listening to music helped me to unwind.

・Although hot days continue every day, I saw the autumn sky , red dragonflies and cosmos flowers during my morning walk. I felt autumn was just around the corner. that helped me to unwind.

・The massage chair in my house helped me to unwind

・What I’ve been unwinding with lately is taking a nap.  I had a day to finish my work in the morning, so I had a nap after eating lunch.

・I talked with my son on the balcony at night. I said, “it will rain tomorrow, so we can’t see the moon and stars tomorrow.” And my son sadly said, “the moon and the stars will get wet in the rain tomorrow.” When I heard that his kindness helped me to unwind.

・Yesterday I went for lunch at the Spanish restaurant which was located next to Nara Park. That helped me to unwind

・I went to get a special massage.  The girlfriend of my husband’s friend’s girlfriend is an esthetician.  She did it.  It helped me to unwind.

・When I met a friend’s dog, it helped me to unwind.

・Drinking hot chocolate helps me to unwind.

・Listening to K-pop helps me to unwind.

・Taking a bath helps me to unwind.

・I saw a parakeet, and that helped me unwind.

・When I come to Ikoma some cars stop at the crosswalk so I can unwind. I haven’t experienced this in Osaka.

・This month’s sales were good- it helped me unwind.

・Recently, I met a dog. He is training to become a guide dog. He helped me to unwind.

・I changed my PC screen for my job to a very cute cat. I found the cat’s photo very soft and I think his fur made a felt hat. When I open my PC, I relax. I want to touch the PC cat’s paw.

・I saw a sugar glider on TV so I felt relaxed. That animal helped me to unwind.

・I met my friend’s puppy. She is very fluffy and very cute.

・When I was watching youtube, I saw an African American and his child. They were talking. The kid is almost a baby, but the father talks to him like an adult. He doesn’t understand what he says.