英会話無料レッスン 4A11 生徒さんが作った例文
Did you have any fun today?


・Today I tried hard in my test. I passed so, it was fun.

・Before summer vacation I tried a test. Today the test came back and it was a good score.

・I watched TV. And it was quite fun. But I watched it for too long. So, my eyes are getting tired.

・I just went to the library to study math. One good point, I met one of my elementary school friends.

・Today I installed a new game. I played the game after school. It was a lot of fun.

・My piano teacher gave me chocolate leaves when I practiced piano.

This week’s student samples
・Unfortunately I have not yet today but yesterday I had a call from my older daughter and received an invitation for a sushi birthday dinner of her mother-in-law. So I expect to meet them after two weeks and I can’t wait for this day.

・Yes I did I took out a stereo system component I bought about 45 years ago from the storeroom and connected it. I was able to listen to Hiromichan’s 45 year old records.

・I will eat horsemeat at dinner. The place is Honmachi. Which animal meat do you like? I like horse meat because horse meat has a good texture. Traditional way of eating horse meat is with garlic or ginger. Horse meat goes well with Japanese rice wine also horse meat you can eat raw. There is a habit of eating a lot of horse meat Kumamoto and Nagano.

・My dog is 19 years old. Recently he pretty much sleeps all day. When I wake up in the morning or return home at night he gets up slowly. He looks at me with eyes not to see and is not to hear. I touch him lightly, I take him out for a walk and give him his favourite food. He can’t find his dish and I take to it to him but he can’t keep standing while eating. On Sunday I took him out to a park, we sat down on the lawn, we played after a long time in the warm sunlight. It’s a fun time to remember. It’s my precious moments to feel the enjoyment of living with him.

・A boy who graduated from college two years ago came to my office. He graduated and returned to Hiroshima. I talked to him about various things for the first time in a while. It was enjoyable.

・Today I was at home all day therefore I didn’t have any fun. But now I’m in an English class and now I’m having fun.

・I cooked Buri Daikon last night. Buri means yellowtail and daikon means radish. It’s a dish stewed with ginger, soy sauce and mirin. I look forward to eating the buri daikon tonight. It must be delicious.

・I had a very enjoyable weekend. Because my granddaughter came to my home. She will enter a grade school this year. She is very interesting.

・I didn’t have any fun today but I’ll have fun making dinner on the weekend.

・Yes I did, my granddaughter came to my home and I took a walk with my granddaughter and my daughter. My grandchild is very expressive. He is cute.

・My grandson passed the driving test and he got his driver’s license. When he came back home he showed it with a satisfied look to me. So I had a real fun time.

・Yes, my friend visited my house and I heard about her older son’s information from her. Because he has been studying for two years since he graduated from high school to get into medical school. At last he passed the university entrance examination. I am relieved to know that he was excepted by the medical school.

・Yes at last the exhibition of Crash Landing On You was held today and I’ll go there on March 14. I’m looking forward to the day because I want to meet Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin soon. So please wait.

・My life is having fun every day. Now I can’t go on a trip but I’m enjoying my life, yoga, horse riding, English conversation, many kinds of lunches and an NHK culture class. I feel a lot of little bits of happiness in my life and I think I’m always fun living in my life. Thanks to everybody and thanks to my positive thinking!

・Yes I did, after a long time absent due to the Corona threat I am back to the Smiths English School tonight.

・I didn’t have any special fun today but I heard good and a little bit of sad news. My colleague who has amblyopia will quit work this week and he will learn massage in the medical department of the support visual school from this April. As he is 63 years old he’s about to step into the new world. I felt that I got energy from him and I would try something new.

・We had a meeting today at lunchtime. Five persons attended the meeting. Surprisingly three people bought the same bento, one of them was me.

・No I didn’t but it will be good today because today is off. I didn’t feel good this week because I had meetings and discussions many times for a new project. There was a person who objected to my proposal. When we were discussing he often objects with angry tones. If it is possible I don’t want to join in the same project with him any more.

Previous student samples
・To be honest today was a normal day. Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday so I went to buy her a present. I think she will have fun tomorrow.

・It was fun to go to English conversation class today.

・Yes I did, my daughter came back home with her son.

This week’s student samples
・I had fun cooking takoyaki.

・I had a good time talking to another person at work about motorcycles.

・I had fun watching “Demon Slater” recently.

・I didn’t have any fun today but am looking forward to eating gummy-candy that I ordered. That will be fun!

・I installed a new Nintendo game. It’s a brain-training game. I will have fun with that tonight.

Previous student samples
・Yes, I ate sweet plums from Kagawa today. They were delicious!  (Yumiko)

Yes I walked my dog in Hashimoto Kita Koen and saw many beautiful flowers. (Asami)

On Sunday, I went to Hanshin Racecourse. I attended a horse jockey event that was held there.  This was fun for me.

Last night my daughter performed her sports day routine at home for me.  It was fun to watch.

Last weekend I had fun attending a branding seminar in Toyosaki.

Every day I have fun when I finish my jobs at work.

This week’s student samples
・Yes I did. I went to my local DIY store and bought Japanese crickets.

I had a fun English lesson here today!

Yes, when I played with my son in the morning.

Previous student samples
・Yes, I did. I met my friends at Costco and we had hotdogs, pizza and coke.

Today was just a normal day, but it was a good day.

Yes. My team won a centipede race at school today.

・Today, I ate “nanakusa kayu”, as is tradition on the 7th of January, eating rice porridge with seven different spring herbs. It was fun to make and eat.

・Did I have any fun today? Yes. I had an English lesson today. I talked with my English teacher and it was very fun because it’s been a long time since I last saw him.

・Did you have any fun today? I have nothing special to talk about except that I could come back to this lesson after the holidays.

・Did you have any fun today? No, I didn’t. But I want to be able to enjoy whatever that comes to my way.

・Did you have any fun today? Not specifically but I spent new year’s holiday eating, drinking and chatting a lot. That is the right way to spend new year’s holiday.

・Did you have any fun on new year’s day? Yes. I had a sushi party with my family and my brother’s family at our mother’s house. We have this party every January 1st.

・Did you have any fun yesterday? I had fun playing golf with my friends for the first time this year.

This week’s student samples
・I found that the book I borrowed from my friend was very interesting. I enjoyed reading it. – Nito

・Yes I enjoyed today because I drank with friends till 2am this morning and I was able to get enough sleep too. – Suzuki

Previous student samples
・Yes, I had fun today even though I was working. – Kurihara

I had fun making “changko” with my classmates at school today. – Ozawa

No, I did not have any fun today because I had to work. – Sekiya

Yes, I watched an interesting movie today. It is Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. – Mio

・Not so special, although I had the day off. I ran in Yoyogi park, then I went to my friend’s sandwich shop which serves Argentinian soul food. – Miyazaki

・Yes, I’m glad I was able to sleep in. – Nito

・Yes, I had fun sleeping and waking up late. – Arahara

・Today I watched my favorite TV program. It was a lot of fun.

This week’s student samples
・No, I didn’t. It was a little fun that I could swim better than before on last Friday.

・I received chiropractic care, after that I chatted with a doctor.

・Today I watched an online movie. I found many old movies.

・Yes, I did. I had lunch with my friends after a long interval.

・No, I didn’t. Actually, I had a bad event today. Today, I started to work at my home using my computer, but I realized that I had misplaced the converter that is needed for my comfortable work. So I went back to my workplace and took it back. But other equipment was needed to use the converter, so what I did was in vain.

・Today all the exams ended.

Previous student samples
・I did housework perfectly.

Last night I went to a restaurant near Mukonoso Station with my husband. It was very fun for me.

Today I met Mr. Hachikawa’s son at a tennis court in Kanzakigawa for the first time in four years. It was nostalgic. He said he was a second-year college student and majoring in economics.

It wasn’t particularly fun, but in the morning I went to my friend’s apartment and changed the air.

No, I didn’t. It was a normal day. I had nothing special.

I’m finally ready for the renovation day. I’m going to start as soon as I get the wallpaper.

No, I haven’t yet but the fun is after this.

I talked about my father with my sister on LINE.

I bought Okinawan food in Osaka.

On Wednesday I had lunch and talked with my friends.

I read a book and felt relaxed in my house today. There was hard work on weekdays, so I am relaxing on the weekend.

・I ate Takoyaki. I wanted to eat it for a long time. It was very delicious.

・I had some fun this morning. Part of it was that I was able to have a conversation with a cute clerk at a glasses store.

・I watched a recording of a rugby game, it was beautifully played, it was so fun.

・Today I didn’t have any fun but yesterday I had a happy thing. The reason why is because I got a musical instrument, an old alto flute.

・I watched a TV drama this morning, it is an NHK morning drama. It will end this week, it was a very beautiful story. I enjoyed this drama this morning.

・Yes, I studied English. I had fun.

・Yes I had some fun which was this lesson and I met you again and I learned some English.

・Yes I did, I could get my favorite chocolate in the grocery store this morning.

・No, today is very boring, but coming soon holiday. Little bit of a long holiday.

・No I didn’t have any fun today.

・Today has just begun so no I didn’t, but last weekend I was very tired so I took a long shower and body massage I was relaxed very much and fun.

・I haven’t had any fun today.

・Yes, I had. My dog pooped on a dot’s tail.・Yes, I studied English.

・I went shopping to look at a new wetsuit.

・I went shopping for a wide angle light.

・I went shopping at a supermarket near my house and got a good deal on dried fish.

・No I had to go to work.

・No, I didn’t have any fun today.

・No, I didn’t have any fun today.

・I bought a new scarf before work because I left the old one on the train.

・No, I didn’t because I just worked.

I had an English speaking lesson.

・Today I had a shopping trip with my husband I bought a new business notebook.

・I had fun playing the adventure game on Nintendo switch.

・I had fun playing the shooting game on my PC.

・I had fun eating three colored Dango. My mother bought them when I was studying for my tests.

・Yes I did. I enjoyed talking with my friends at school.

・I watched TV. It was an interesting drama.

・One of my favorite youtubers got 20000 subscribers so her listeners drew some pictures to congratulate her so I also drew a picture for her. It was fun.

・I had a video phone call from my daughter. I said “Ohayo” to my grandson.

・I enjoyed PE because I danced.

・Today was an ordinary day but today I went to the junior high to have a soccer lesson. Until yesterday, students were in the test week so the lessons were cancelled. So, I am very happy to re-start the lessons.

・Today was a good day because I found out that all the employees in my company get a bonus because this year is my company’s anniversary year.

・I slept in this morning (for a long time) and I had a delicious lunch today so it was fun.

・I had a runny nose this morning because I have hay fever. When I drank hot cocoa, the runny nose stopped. So I was happy.

・Today I worked all day so I have nothing happy to say but if I had to say something, I would say I could arrange the meeting well.

・I watched the movie called Super Detective Conan. It is my favorite movie.

・No, I didn’t because I went to work yesterday.

・Yes, I did because I like Friday. TGIF.

・Yesterday, I had to check if my students were wearing makeup or not, and then if they were, I had to take the makeup off. That was fun because some students said they weren’t wearing makeup, but they were, so I ‘helped’ them take off their makeup.

・I drank coffee in the morning. Everyday I drink coffee which I buy in a convenience store, but yesterday I went to a coffee shop and I drank a special coffee.

・Two or three days ago three or four students said hello teacher to me, with bright voices. Then I was in the back of the printing room. It was seven or eight meters to the door which was open. Students can’t come in the printing room. they found me and greeted me. They were cute.


・I had fun yesterday. I went to Omotesando with friends for wine tasting.

・My wife had to work for an hour and I took care of Kei chan that time. It was very fun. He was a good boy the whole time until I sneezed. He got scared and started crying.

・I went to Tokyo Hands to buy lip balm. Today was very windy all day. That was fun.

・Nothing. Very boring days.

・Nothing. But I had a dream of moving to USA. In my dream when I was about to leave Japan, I realized I don’t have plane tickets. Very funny.

・I went to a steakhouse with my mother.

・Nothing. I went to my parents house. But I don’t like visiting them because my father is a chain smoker.

・Very bad condition at work. No fun today.

・I had fun at Sayma’s class today.

・I will take my son for shopping after the class.

・I will go to the theatre to watch opera after class.

・Nothing. As usual daily life.

・I played soccer with my father this morning.

・I played golf this morning.

・I got my haircut.


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