英会話無料レッスン 3A35 生徒さんが作った例文
What were you doing 5 years ago?


・I was a high school student 5 years ago and I formed a band with my school friends. So I was crazy about playing guitar.

5 years ago, I was 6 years old. I can’t remember.

・I was playing a game 5 years ago. The game was a fighting game. It was very fun.

・5 years ago I was going to Rui cram school. But I changed to Mabuchi cram school.

・I was a junior high school student. I was a member of the soft tennis club. I practiced very hard to win the 1st prize.

This week’s student samples
・I was working in Meguro, Tokyo as a data entry specialist. I liked the people.

Five years ago I started camping with my son.

I was living and working in Nagasaki.

・Five years ago I moved from Tokyo to Sagamihara.

・I was a 22-year-old student in University, studying, doing experiments, and research.

・I returned to Hashimoto from Kumamoto. I renovated my house because I was gone for 5 years.

Previous student samples
・I was in University studying biology and playing saxophone in the brass band. (Yumiko)

I was in Junior High School.

I was working in another bank.

I was playing badminton in Junior High School.

I was working at a hotel in Shanghai where I met my Japanese husband. We moved to Fukuoka, then to Sagamihara. I still need English for my job here.  (Ms Tanaka)

This week’s student samples
・I was on fire to practice calligraphy. Then I lost my motivation after I got the top grade. But I couldn’t learn in the class and I had to pay an extra special charge. My teacher did not let me practice freely.

・Five years ago I often went to USJ after work because I had an annual passport. But I haven’t been going there. I want to go there next year because there is a new Mario area.

・Five years ago I changed my job role from technical manager to engineering expert because I didn’t like human resources management. But currently my role doesn’t relate to the new product design directory. So now I want to change my role or change my job.

・Five years ago I was just starting to go to the dentist because I wanted to line up my teeth in a proper position. Until then I didn’t have caries but I had double teeth like a vampire. I still get aftercare.

・Five years ago I supported the baseball game of my son. I went to support him on a cold day and a hot day. It is a very good memory.

・I was learning Tai Chi. It was very difficult but the group friends were kind and trustworthy and always they were teaching me before the lesson.  So I was very happy and appreciated their giving me a lot of advice.

・Five years ago the pillars were devoured by termites in my home. So I needed to get rid of them. My home was in need of repair. So I asked a construction company to repair my house. It took two years to finish the renovation. I was very busy but I continued studying English conversation.

・In 2015 I spent New Year’s Day, spring, summer and autumn with my husband like a usual year. I want to remember many happy episodes. The memory of 2015 is very painful for me. So that is over.

・I worked in a traffic company as an adviser of the sales department 5 years ago. It was comfortable but very hard.

・I worked and lived in Nagoya five years ago. At that time my daughter lived in Yamaguchi with my parents so I went to Yamaguchi every weekend. When I stayed in Yamaguchi I always eat delicious food made by my mother. Now my daughter lives in Osaka and I don’t go to Yamaguchi because of COVID-19. So I always eat food made by me.

・Five years ago I was very busy because my eldest son was playing tennis at his club of his high school and he went to the tennis club for practice from 9 till 10:30. As the tennis club was so far by train I picked up and dropped him off by car every day. He graduated from University and has got a job now. I work at the same company and spend the same time as I used to but I have more time for myself than before.

・Five years ago I was just 50 years old. I was a freshman member in the over 50s soccer team. I shot many goals that year as I was the ace striker.

・I worked hard five years ago because I had 4 projects in Japan. Especially, detailed specifications in one project were difficult to decide. So I went to work on Saturday and Sunday to make several kinds of proposal drawings. But I ate and slept well to keep up my health.

・Five years ago is an unforgettable year for me because my new lifestyle started. Until then I worked a short-term job. When I was working a short-term job my boss offered me a long-term job. I thought very much and I received it. It was very hard at first but I liked the job and office mates. So I could work for five years until this August.

・When the job got me down I planned a trip to foreign countries and got away from Japan. To while way in a foreign country refreshed me but the new virus came up this year and we are not allowed to go abroad now. I hope that we can get over the problem soon. Thus I plan ahead about the next destination.

Previous student samples
I was investigating collateral for buying a home. I did that at my own pace. I could go on a trip when I want to go. It’s good for me but it’s unstable. So I transferred my job. I think it is good to change my job.

Five years ago I lived in Yokohama because of my work.

I was a high school student five years ago.  I participated in a musical contest with everyone in the brass band and we won. This is a memory that I will not forget for the rest of my life.

This week’s student samples
・I was living with my husband five years ago.

I was enjoying traveling abroad with my husband and friends.

I was playing soccer.

Previous student samples
・Five years ago I started to learn to swim at swimming school.

・I lived with my husband five years ago and I often traveled abroad.

5 years ago, I was driving along the coast of Big Island and visited to my friend’s coffee farm that his family has been managing.

I was a office worker 5 years ago. In January I went to Austria, in June I went to Italy. I was thinking of the rest of my life. So next year I decided to go to Smith’s School.

I was working same job. There is no change like when I was a student.

This week’s student samples
・I was getting ready to greet my new students.

I was living in Osaka.

I worked at the same hospital.

Previous student samples
・I was single and worked late every day. I didn’t have time to play. It was boring. Now I’m married and have two children. I’m very happy.

I had another job and didn’t draw so often.

I worked at a different department and traveled to China and Taiwan very often.

This week’s student sample
・I was working at the same restaurant five years ago. – Kurihara

・Five years ago around this season, I traveled to Hakone to enjoy an onsen. – Nito

・Five years ago I was doing the same thing that I’m doing now. – Suzuki

Previous student samples
I worked for a publishing company 5 years ago. – Sekiya

・Five years ago I was a chef at another restaurant and also a DJ at night. – Kurihara

・I was working at the same company five years ago. – Suzuki

・Five years ago, I was a University Professor. – Aoyama

・What was I doing 5 years ago? I went to Spain for sightseeing with my husband.

Five years ago I was 9 years old. I was in the tea ceremony club so I have loved powdered green tea since then.

Five years ago? I worked in a movie theatre. Now I work in my own noodle shop. I became self-employed.

・I was single. I lived with my grandmother in Osaka.

I was single. I was living alone in Hamamatsu.

I traveled to the United Kingdom for ten days. First I went to Scotland. It was before a Scottish Independence Referendum, so signs of election were seen here and there. And I went to London via the Lake District. In London I went to Victoria Station.

・I worked at another business but it closed four years ago.

・5 years ago I belong to the brass band. I played the contrabass and the bass guitar.

・I was taking swimming lessons 5 years ago.

・I often played badminton five years ago but recently, I don’t play so I wonder if I should sell my racket.

・I was playing soccer everyday because we had a big tournament so we practiced hard.

・I was playing table tennis in the club.

・I played games with my friend.

・I went to a different school and I was the homeroom teacher for the English course class.

・I was in Elementary school. I was in a soccer club.

・I was travelling to Singapore for sightseeing. I saw the merlion but it was being repaired and it was covered in white sheets. I couldn’t see it.

・From December I started living with my friend as roommates in America. The apartment was really fancy and clean and it was in front of my school, so I loved it.

・We had an apartment in Okinawa five years ago so I went golfing with my husband there.

・I went to elementary school 5 years ago.

・I was going to Junior high school.

・I was an elementary school student.

・I was studying in elementary school.

・Five years ago, my family was all living together, so they came home late. I waited for them everyday. I ate dinner with them late at night.

・I was working at the same company and I did document related work.

・Five years ago I was thirty two and my son was in grade one, so I checked his homework every day. He didn’t write kanji very well, so taught how to write good kanji him.

・I went to junior high school. I hated junior high school because junior high school had a small community. Communication was complex.

・I didn’t play badminton but I like scuba diving so I went to the sea on the weekends once a month, even in winter and the temperature in the sea is the same as two months earlier so the coldest time in the sea is April so I didn’t go to the sea in March and April.

・I can’t remember but five years ago was … it was the second year that I was doing my current job so I understood what I was doing and how to do it.

・I was swimming until 6th grade in Konami pool.

・I was doing a delivery business near Azamino.

・I started working at my current company.

・I was preparing for the university entrance exam.

・I retired from my company and started learning English in Azamino school.

・I enjoyed playing Golf and stopped playing eventually because it’s very expensive.

・I was working as a waitress.

・I was very busy with my work.

・I went to Germany and France to enjoy a car race live show.

・I was working very hard at my current company.

・I changed my job.

・I moved to Saitama from Osaka.

・I was studying at home.

・I was in Junior High School and broke my ankle.

・I was working at the same company and taking a class at Smith’s Azamino.

・I was working in Vietnam and had too many business trips.

・I was working at another company.

・Same job, same husband, same life. Nothing changed.

・I was in Junior High School and did not have many friends.

・I moved to China.

・I was working at the same company and had many business trips to Kyushu.

・I was in Junior High school, and played baseball everyday.

・Five years ago I was a housewife. I started to learn English. I’m not good but I’m having fun and I want to do my best.

・Five years ago, I had just changed jobs to the current hospital. I remember being very busy.

・Five years ago I enjoyed university life. I especially did activities of the law faculty circle.

・I was working at Miyoshi bakery. And I didn’t think I would study English five years ago.

・Five years ago I was struggling to cope with my son because he stayed home all day long and didn’t try to go to University. At last he dropped out of university. It was one of the saddest incidents I’ve ever experienced.

・I was going to a PC school and studying to become an MOS.

・Five years ago, I was doing the same job at my current company. People in my department quit or moved, and the number of people decreased, so I was very busy at that time.

・Five years ago, I was practicing weightlifting with my students.

・Five years ago, I was working at the university.

・I was in high school in my second year.

・I was working at a travel agency five years ago.

・5 years ago my mother-in-law passed away so I was busy with arrangements for a Buddhist’s memorial service for her.

・I was doing my current job.

・I was an office worker 5 years ago. The company operated and managed infrastructure facilities. My job was to receive and order them from the city office. If we were entrusted with the work, we would run the facility for about 10 years. I was doing a rewarding job that could contribute to the public.

・I was doing almost what I’m doing now, housekeeping, scuba diving or going to the gym. My life hasn’t changed from 5 years ago.

・I was doing the same as now.

・5 years ago I worked as a part-time worker and I went to my daughter’s place 4 or 5 times a year as she had had a third baby that year.

・I went to Itami’s jewelry college. I still have fun memories.

・I was doing the same thing as now. I checked my journal from 5 years ago and it was the same thing.

・I was working at Kuzuha Mall and watching people who were annoyed because they were busy, especially housewives.

・I live the same life as I did 5 years ago. I lived in Osaka and used to go around to golf courses in west Japan for work. I ran about 35,000 km a year, however, I went to Kyushu by shinkansen and I learned English because people from American manufacturer came. Now that Japanese golf courses are in recession, Americans have stopped coming, but I’m learning English.

・ I went to USJ once every three months.


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