英会話無料レッスン 3A32 生徒さんが作った例文

英会話無料レッスン 3A32 生徒さんが作った例文
Tell us a heartwarming experience that you’ve had recently.


This week’s student samples
・Today, my lunch was Katsu curry and rice and I should have been charged 740 yen, however the clerk mistakenly charged me only 520 yen, which was the price of Karaage curry and rice. I reaized that mistake when I checked the receipt because I thought it the change was too much. I told the clerk . The clerk said, “Don’t worry.” I was happy. Honest is always the best policy.

・My dreams are heartwarming.

・My heartwarming experience is watching my sister playing the piano.

・When I get up early and watch TV.

Previous student samples
・Recently I saw two small puppies playing together inside a big cardboard box. They were so cute and heartwarming.

・About six months ago I was coming home on my bike and my heart hurt. I pressed my heart. Some people asked me, “What happened”, and called me an ambulance.

・Recently I went to the park while I was swinging I opened my hands and I fell down. My tooth came out!! A nice woman gave me her handkerchief. I wanted to say thank you but I couldn’t.

・Recently, when I put my shoes in the shoe locker, I dislocated my elbow. My sister called our teacher who took me to the hospital.

・Recently, I was at my Grandmother’s house. I met a woman from Belgium who I hadn’t seen for five years. It was really heartwarming.

・A young guy gave up his seat to an old man in the train.

This week’s student samples
・In the morning I take out the garbage. Then I met my neighbour. I heard good news. Her daughter had a baby. It’s really good news.

・I heard a story about a boy. He helped a lady by carrying her bag. She was happy.

・I watched an animal show on tv. I saw a cat and it was very cute. I felt very happy.

・My son and daughter often have arguments. but last week Monday I saw them getting along nicely together. I felt warm inside.

・My daughter bought a cake for me. It’s not even my birthday. I don’t know why. It was heartwarming.

・For years I was in the united states. Sometimes I ate with my friends, but I mostly ate alone. After I came back to Japan, I ate dinner with my family everyday. My mother cooked for us. That was heartwarming.

・When I went to osteopathic clinic, I met a woman with a baby. She was busy. I help her baby for a while. She was very cute. I was happy.

・I saw a cat. I was happy.

・Last spring my son made a garland for my birthday. And I didn’t know that he made it. He made it when I was out. Then when I took a bath he decorated it. When I got out I was very surprised and I was overjoyed and I cried.

・Today I introduced the product to our sales team leaders. One member knew it but he asked a question. The question is the part that I want to really show. He asked the question for me. I felt so glad.

・My co-worker often gives us some sweets. She doesn’t give us hand to hand. She puts it on the table with a small note. In the note, she always writes a kind message. It’s heartwarming.

・We went to Narutawa Tougei last weekend. We met a family on the way. They came to us so I gave the way for them. The mother said, “excuse me,” and then a three or four year old girl said “excuse me,” too. that was very cute. I felt warm inside.

・I have a good friend. Last Sunday, he and I played with our children in the park. They ran with each other and kicked the ball and finally, they became good friends. It was very heartwarming for us.

・Everytime I say ‘How are you?’ to my students. They say ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘so so’ every time. Last week, I said, ‘How are you?’ as always. One student said, ‘I’m fine’ then he said to me, ‘How about you?’. There is on student who says that so I felt happy.

・Yesterday, I did a double booking in my work. I noticed it in the morning, so my co-worker helped me so I was so happy.

Previous student samples
・A long time ago, when I was a high school student, one morning in winter, I dropped one of my mittens. I didn’t notice it until I got to school. On the way home, I found it near the rice field. Perhaps someone put it in a place where I could find it easily. I was very glad.

・One day I made lunch and my mother ate my lunch and she said it was good.

This week’s student samples
・I gave my seat to an elderly woman on the train.

・Back in April no one could buy facemasks. A company in China that we deal with sent us 100 masks.

Previous student samples
・I saw a man in a wheelchair being helped board a train by train staff.

・A junior high school student made many reusable face masks at home and donated them to the government. She spent her own money on the cloth

This week’s student samples
・I watched my daughter playing the piano very well.

・I read about a group of young students singing for elderly people.

・I saw a blooming sakura tree on my way to work.

・My childhood friend sent me many vegetables which were grown by her husband.

・Three months ago when my granddaughter came to my house, I said I would transfer money to a travel agent. Then she stood beside me, and said to take care of the transfer of money because there is a bad crime called “ore-ore sagi”. She worried about me and I felt that was heartwarming.

・Unfortunately there has been no such experience recently.

・My friend gave me a can of conflicts last week. They are very beautiful, so made me be heartwarming.

・I have two granddaughters. They usually scramble for toys and books. Anyway, they often wrangle and fight with each other but when they are sleeping they hug each other like puppies and kittens.

・The other day I received a letter from my daughter. It was a letter of thanks for her family’s health and happiness. In that letter there were some charming stories about my grandchildren.

This week’s student samples
・Recently I have seen a family in the park. There were four people they played catch ball very well. Then I felt warm so I also want to have a child.

・It’s a short tale. When I got sick last month the name of the disease is cardiac infarction. My granddaughter who is six years of age right after my operation visited me. She had a look of surprise because I had so many tubes out of my body. I think her heart ached a little. But after I got out of hospital she called me up and she said congratulations that word healed my sorrow.

・Recently I saw a boy on a hike. He was probably 3 to 4 years old and was climbing a mountain with his dad. I felt my heart warmed to see his hard work. This mountain was hard for me also.

・Some days ago I watched TV news that the United Nations World Food Program supplied some food such as bread, milk, fish and eggs etc. to refugee orphans in Africa.

・I haven’t had a good heartwarming experience recently. About 30 years ago I went to the countryside by motorcycle and I stayed by the riverside in my tent. That place was not for camping. In the morning an old woman came to our camping place and she gave us a lot of rice balls. It was very delicious and she said to us “good travel”.

・There is not a heartwarming experience story for me recently. I think that there were various kinds in my son’s childhood or in the beginning of keeping dogs. So I didn’t do any heartwarming actions recently. Did I become the bad person? Anyhow I will continue making an effort so that I am still Saint Mitz.

・I went to Koyasan. We took a cable car. It moved quietly up a steep climb. A child was looking innocently ahead. It’s probably his first experience and that appearance was very cute. That was heartwarming for me.

・I recently bought some sweet potatoes called Annie-Imo. This is very sweet and delicious. I was relaxed by its deliciousness. Heartwarming is when I come across something delicious.

・I recently bought some sweet potatoes called Annie-imo. This is very sweet and delicious. I was relaxed by deliciousness. Heartwarming is when I come across something delicious.

・A few days ago my daughter said to me now my granddaughter is making a muffler for me. She is 11 years old, an elementary school student and she likes knitting. I felt very happy when I heard it. I imagine the situation that my grandchild is doing knitting. So it is warming my heart. I think that I am a very lucky grandmother.

・When I felt sad my doctor said “I’m sick” or “Worry is often the cause of illness”. So my mind is healed.

・When I arrived at Izumisano station I saw a train staff who was taking care of a wheelchair user. The wheelchair user suddenly lost his temper and starting shouting to the train’s staff. But the staff didn’t say anything to the wheelchair user and the staff pushed him in the wheelchair onto the train. When I went down from the second floor I saw another staff pat him on the shoulder and told him that he did a good job. I was happy about another staff’s consideration.

・Recently my younger daughter gave me a present because the weather forecast says it’s going to be a severe winter this year. They are a pair of socks. They are very warm and soft texture. I’m very happy and really appreciate her kindness of heart.

・I started swimming lessons three months ago. I can swim a little. I was happy because I’m swimming in the same class and the teacher said “your swimming is quick”.

・I watched a TV show about a half year ago. In the Corona pandemic it was heartwarming to see a Japanese violinist playing on the roof in an Italian hospital.

・Recently I went to Okinawa. Before the trip I booked dinner at the hotel. Then I booked my daughter’s birthday cake. When we arrived at the hotel I was surprised because there were very beautiful flowers and a message card on the desk “Happy Birthday Riko”. I was very impressed.

・My eldest son lives in Tokyo for his work since October. Last Friday night my mother called me that my son called on her the next day. But his explanation was so complicated for her so she asked me his plan to come back home and visit her. I said to her that I didn’t know about his coming back to Osaka. She laughed and said to me that he might think he should greet me because he had gotten the job. My mother was very pleased with his sincerity.

・The newly emerged virus wears us down this year. The government in Japan seems not to deal with this problem well. This situation gets to us all. Thus I cannot come up with any heartwarming experience.

・I saw a girl praying to a jizo near our station last Sunday. She threw some coins into the box in front of the jizo and put her hands together.  The jizo looked to be smiling. I sometimes pray to this jizo because my favourite restaurant is near this jizo. After I left the restaurant lately I prayed and put a bill into the box because I was drunk.

Previous student samples
・I took a train in Korea.  Young people don’t sit in priority seats in Korea. I often bump into young people sitting in priority seats in Japan. But I could see a young man give up his seat to an elderly person. I was relieved to see that.

This week’s student samples
・When I was in trouble at school, it was heartwarming that some of my coworkers came to my aid. – Nito

Previous student samples
・I saw on the news where a bear in a zoo saved a crow from drowning in the river. – Ozawa

・The heartwarming experience I had recently was when my nephew turned over in his crib. – Miyazaki

・A few days ago I saw a movie on Amazon about the late Robert Strange McNamara who was the US Secretary of Defense. He said that he was against bombing Japan in WWII because the target included the general population as well. That was heartwarming to know. – Aoyama

・One of my friends called for an ambulance at a restaurant yesterday because an unknown woman at the next table fell down and couldn’t move. – Sekiya

This week’s student samples
・A boy who loves cats, found a cat that was almost dead. If he took the cat to the hospital he might save the cat’s life. The cat seemed to be very weak but the cat got better after one week.

・When our customers say to me and my boss, “I become happy when I eat the breads that are made by you”, I have a heartwarming experience.

・At the end of last month, I heard the news that the panda mother at the zoo in Shirahama might be pregnant. This mother panda has given birth to many babies so far. I hope a cute baby will be born again. There was news that a baby panda was born yesterday! I want to go see him after a while. It’s really cute.

・The heartwarming thing I recently experienced was that a young man gave up his seat to an elderly person on a commuter bus.

・A colleague gave me sweets when I was busy and frustrated at work.

・It is a heartwarming experience when I see parents and children of animals.  When I see them I think that they should never be separated.

・I only have a memory that I had a heartwarming experience a long time ago.

・I went to Kyoto to see Japanese style gardens almost every weekend for the last two months. They made me happy.

Previous student samples
・I visited my grandmother in the retirement home. She looks very happy. This was heartwarming for me.

・Looking at my dogs is heartwarming. I’m happy when I see them.

・My granddaughter visited me by herself from Shin Yokohama for the first time. It was her first time train ride all by herself.

・Nothing. Nothing good is happening right now.

・Last week I went to Mt Ooyama to enjoy autumn leaves. it was a very heartwarming experience for me.

・When I couldn’t fix the projector at work, my coworker helped me to set it up.

・When I was sick, my daughter took care of me.

・Nothing special happened recently.

・My friend’s mother can communicate with animals. She has a special ability to talk with animals in her sleep. I gave her my dog’s name and date of birth. She talked to my dog ‘Uni’ and told me why he barks at night and why he bites me sometimes.

・A few days ago I saw an old couple in the neighborhood holding hands and walking together. I felt very happy to see it. In Japan there’s no custom of holding hands while walking.

・I gave one kidney to my son.

・When Giants praised the Hawks after the match it was very heartwarming.

・One driver stopped his car in the middle of the road last week. He waited for a cat to cross the road.

・One young girl gave up her seat on the train for an old man today.

・My son made a Thank You card for me last week.

・I watched a video about colorblind people. They were given a special type of glass which helped them to see all the colors properly.

・My friend lent me a pencil during the exam. It was very nice of him.

・My father helped a foreigner with direction at the station in Hindi.

・Recently I played a table tennis game with my grandson, I’ve never lost to him before, this time I lost to him by a small difference. He is growing fast and applauded in my heart.

・ A few days ago in the train maybe a high school girl gave up her seat to an old man. She didn’t sit down in a priority seat.

・Last weekend I saw children in my neighborhood were playing friendly.

・ Last day I went to Katsuoji temple in Mino to see the autumn leaves, it’s a heartwarming experience. It was so beautiful.

・Three days ago my daughter living in Australia Facetimed us because she was worried about the corona issues so it was a heartwarming experience.

・ I watched a movie called “Woman in Gold”, this movie is about a painting of a woman in gold claimed during the war.

・Three of my friends had babies this year and my heartwarming moment was watching their pictures on Instagram.