英会話無料レッスン3A29 生徒さんが作った例文
What did you do last weekend?


This week’s student samples
・Last weekend, I studied world history.

・I studied English and math last weekend.

・Last weekend I drew pictures.

This week’s student samples
・Last weekend I went to a Thai restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a sushi restaurant and an Izakaya restaurant in one day with my friend. – Suzuki

Previous student samples
・I was bartending at my friend’s bar. – Miyazaki

・I went to Hokkaido on a school ski trip. – Ozawa

・I had to work last weekend. – Kurihara

・Last Sunday I went to the Aroma Festa in Yurakucho. I attended a seminar on how scents can help you sleep better. – Mio

・I  went to a drinking party with my co-workers in Kinshicho – Nito

・Last weekend, on Saturday morning, I had a lecture at The Mansion Seminar in Yurakucho.  On Sunday, I attended a board meeting of The Urban Institute at the Hiltop Hotel in Ochanomizu. – Aoyama

・Last weekend I had to go to work because I had to deal with some difficult customers. – Suzuki

This week’s student samples
・I had finished moving into my new apartment. I bought necessary goods, knife, chopping board, cups and food. Very expensive!

・Last weekend, I went walking for about one hour because I want to lose 2 kg of weight.

・I went to Ishigaki Island last weekend. I went to Ishigaki to see manta ray. Last month I couldn’t see a manta ray even if I dived into the sea six times. So I tried to see again. As a result I was able to see the manta ray right away on my first dive. And I could see sharks and sea turtles on this trip. It was really great.

・Usually, I do my homework at the weekend but last weekend I was very busy. Saturday I had lunch with my friend in Umeda. After lunch we went shopping for next years calendar and notebook at Kinokuniya bookstore. Sunday I went hiking at Rokko with another friend.

・Last Friday after the lesson I went to a travel agency on the first basement floor of Takashimaya department store. I was waiting for 20 minutes but I got a round trip to go from Kansai airport to Hakodate airport.

・I cleaned the storehouse next to my home. On 3rd November drawers and chests in the storehouse were taken out to the garage.

・Last weekend I turned on an air-conditioner but the heating system broke down. So I called the electric shop then the shop staff came to my home right away and replace the bad part of my air-conditioner. After that I felt relieved when it started.

・I got around to enjoy shopping so I looked up Namba in order to look around for winter clothes. There was a large turnout in the face of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

・I went to my favourite nearby izakaya restaurant with my good friend. We enjoyed many kinds of food and conversation in English. I spoke English a lot because I drank many glasses of beer and I wasn’t embarrassed if I couldn’t speak well. To drink is important to remove embarrassment for the speaker of English.

・Last weekend I went to Soni Kogen plateau in Nara prefecture for seeing Japanese Pampas grass with the sun rising. But there was a dense mist. After three hours it was good weather and I climbed a hill and it was a good landscape.

This week’s student samples
・I went to buy a swimsuit at Hankyu Department Store in Umeda last Sunday. Because my swimsuit is worn out.

I did hot yoga at a yoga class. After that I had my hair cut.

I went to a Kimura and Watanabe guitar concert. It was great. The fusion of jazz and classical music was wonderful.

I had dinner with my friend at my house and we drank a bottle of new sake.

Last weekend, I watched the movie Bad Boys for Life, starring Will Smith. It was so funny. And I watched the movie Good Liar on Monday. There were only three people in the theater.

I cleaned up the kitchen because I had to check a water pipe.

On Sunday I went to a library to study.

I cooked oden and after that I cleaned windows and window screens in my house. I clean them before the cold season comes every year.

Last Saturday I went to see my mother with some oranges, persimmons and sweets at her old age home.

I walked about 5 km around my house and went shopping in my car. In the afternoon, I read a book about AI.

I watched a movie at my home. I am glad that I can watch many movies at home these days.

I cleaned up the veranda because the wall is going to be repainted at my condominium.

・When I walked my dog last weekend, I put my cat in a gauge and took her to Wonda Park. Children playing in the park gathered and touched my cat.

・Last Sunday I went to Tsukashin Onsen.

・I made pizza from scratch last weekend.

Previous student samples
・I did a day trip to Mie prefecture with my family. We enjoyed  “Ise Udon”, which is famous cuisine there.

・I did hot yoga at studio yogapis for one hour. I sweated a lot. But I felt refreshed by hot yoga.

・I went to a coin-laundry for cleaning two blankets near Mukonosou station last Saturday.

・I prepared my lectures meeting that I hold on next Sunday at Tennoji. I want to explain the state of Hawaii Big Island, in particular the last year’s lava flow. And more I let the audiences have a time to drink Kona coffee and Kau coffee.

・I played tennis from 9 AM to 5 PM on Sunday.

・I did trip to Okinawa. I saw Mr. Children in Okinawa convention center.

・I treated my friend to a lunch, because he drove his car for a three day trip to kochi prefecture.

・I went to go hang out with my friend who moved. We drank at his home and played video games.

This week’s student samples
・I washed clothes and cleaned the room for my wife. Then I played online video games with friends.

We moved to a new apartment last week. I finished cleaning the old apartment.

We moved to a new house. We spent the time moving things to the new house, throwing away two televisions, audio equipment, furniture, etc. It was hard work.

My husband and I went to Sagamino. We rented a small cabin, barbecued, and spent time in “Pleasure Park. ”

・I rode my motorcycle to Hakone.

・I did household chores then went to a French restaurant in Hachioji with my husband.

・I rode my motorcycle to Mt. Fuji. The autumn leaves are beautiful but the weather was cold.

・I climbed Mt. Bukka. It’s a small mountain of 747 meters. There is an observatory at the top. The view was really beautiful.

・My in-laws’ telephone broke, so I bought them a new one and replaced it for them.

・There is a ramen restaurant owner in Tokyo who is also a Youtuber. We like his channel, so we drove to Tokyo to his restaurant. But it was closed!  We took photographs anyway.

Previous student samples
・I went to Jingu Stadium to watch a baseball game-  Waseda University versus Keio University.   ( Chigusa)

・I went to Tsukui cho to go camping on the river.  (Hanae)

・On Saturday I went to a lesson of String ensemble. There are four parts. First violin, second violin, viola an cello. We are practicing two pieces of music for a concert in September.

・Last weekend I made curry for dinner. Ingredients included carrots, beef, potatoes and Maitake mushrooms. It was very delicious.

・I went to Tottori to meet my friends. We stayed up late talking about our high school days.

This week’s student samples
・I baked chocolate for Valentine’s day.

・I ate soba noodles in Ohara. 

I studied hard for my school exam.

Previous student samples
・I went to a vegetarian restaurant in Kyoto. It was delicious.

・My friend came to visit me in Katsura.

・I played baseball with my son and friends.

・We went to Universal Studios Japan. There were a lot of people wearing costumes.

・I went to Kyoto with my family. I saw goldfish at Nijojo.

・I was sick so stay in bed.

・On Saturday I got a text from my best friend and he asked me to make a plan for a short trip and we made a plan to go to Arima Hot spring and play golf.

・On the weekend I went to Kyoto with my husband. My daughter will take an entrance examination for a university in Kyoto this month, so I went there to check in advance.

・I had a Halloween party.

・I went to a buffet restaurant with my friend. I went by car. It was delicious.

・I went to karaoke with my friend. I went there by my mother’s car. It was very fun.

・I went to Nara high school to invigilate the mock exam (practice test).

・I went to my daughter’s house. My grandson dressed up as a pumpkin.

・I went to nagashima spa land, and rode a roller coaster.

・Last Sunday I went to the shopping centre. There were a lot more people than a few months ago so I was surprised.

・I did cleaning at work because my work is closing. I’m sad.

・I went to play badminton last Sunday and I met my friend at a coffee shop before that.

・I met my friend from Fukuoka last weekend. I met her for the first time in a year so it was nice.

・I took a walk with my dog and I did the laundry and I did the work and then I had lunch.

・I went to the shop to buy an Apple watch last Sunday.

・I went to the Hibiya Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea.

・I went to Shimbashi for drinks and later I went to Shonan beach for surfing.

・I went to Tanzawa lake for camping with my family.

・I went to the Ukai-teki restaurant for my birthday dinner.

・I practiced playing orchestra.

・I went to buy a jacket and trousers for work.

・I went to my cousin’s house to celebrate Halloween.

・I went to see the doctor.

・I had exams. I was busy with studying.

・I took my father to the eye clinic.

・I went swimming and took some training for my job.

・I went to Hakone with my family.


・I cleaned my room.

・I studied for my test.

・I played golf.

・I worked from home.

・My sister had a birthday party. We celebrated her birthday together.

・I visited my younger brother’s house in Shiga prefecture because we wanted to see his renovated house.

・I made a garden for planting beans.

・My family and voted at the primary school near my house because we are citizens of Osaka city.

・I went shopping with my friend last weekend and I bought Korean cosmetics, they are good.

・I went diving in Kushimoto and Minabe.

・I had dinner with my friend in Hirakata without a disguise.

・I did nothing last weekend, I had just relaxed only.

・I worked.

・I went to a dealer to buy a new car. The car I’m riding now is a sports car, but I’m planning to make it a diesel car next time because I want to help reduce co2. The only thing that doesn’t change is the color of the car. 90% I will use it for work so I can be positive.

・I took a big test to become a student physician.

・On Sunday I went to visit my mother’s grave in Tamba.

・I went to Kyoto and drank with my friends.

・Last Saturday, I went for a walk to look for a property. I will open the clothes repair shop in August. But, if I can find a good property, I’ll open the shop ahead of schedule.

・I watched the rebroadcast of a previous serial TV drama 10 episodes in a row. And I read a book I bought recently, which was an essay written by a young volunteer activist who started an NPO.

・I and my wife took my son to get a flu shot last weekend. He cried and said, “yametekure!” when the doctor injected the vaccine.

・I was preparing for an online seminar on Sunday last weekend.

・Last weekend, I had a picnic with some people from the Smith English school.

・Last weekend, I watched a Takarazuka Revue show on live streaming. At first, I connected my iPad to the TV with an HDMI cable to enjoy the show on a big screen. But the TV didn’t work because the application for streaming on my iPad didn’t work. I had no choice but to watch it on my iPhone. The screen was too small. As a result, I was tired and I couldn’t feel fully satisfied with the show.

・I worked at our bakery shop last weekend.

・I went to some temples in Kyoto last weekend.

・Last Sunday, I played video games all day.


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