英会話無料レッスン 3A26 生徒さんが作った例文

英会話無料レッスン3A26 生徒さんが作った例文
Have you had any injuries or sickness lately?


This week’s student samples
・I injured myself when I fell off my bicycle.

・Lately I had the flue, but I wasn’t tired.

・Lately I didn’t have any injuries or sickness. But about two months ago I cut my finger.

Previous student samples
・I burnt my tongue while eating ramen last week. It still hurts now.

・I had a torn muscle in my leg when I was running a 100 metres race in the P.E. festival.

・Two weeks ago I had a toothache.

・I had a headache. Because I have migraines. So, I often have headaches.

・I had allergic rhinitis, two weeks ago.

・I lost my voice and I have sinusitis.

・I have no sickness.

This week’s student samples
・No, I haven’t, but one of my coworkers broke his elbow by jumping off the slide in a park after drinking too much. – Suzuki

Previous student samples
・Two weeks ago my fingernail peeled off. – Kurihara

・Yes, I had an injury on my right calf. – Miyazaki

・Yes, I had the flu about a month ago. – Ozawa

・I’ve had a bad cold for over a month now, and I’m still coughing. – Sekiya

・Yes. Last Saturday, I walked for 30 kilometers until one of my toes bled on the inside. – Mio

・No, I have not had any injuries or sickness lately. – Aoyama

・Yes. I scraped my knees when I slipped and fell on the street while skateboarding. – Suzuki

・Yes, I had a sore throat last week, but it wasn’t anything major. – Arahara

・Yes, I injured my throat by talking too much. – Terakawa

・Yesterday, I scratched the back of my hand and it bled a little.

・I can’t remember when I was sick last, but I burnt the back of my hand 2 years ago. A pot of drip coffee fell on my hand. I went to a dermatology clinic three times so there is no scarring now.

・I had lost my voice last month. The cause is unknown but my voice becomes hoarse if I go out without wearing a mask.

This week’s student samples
・No, I haven’t. But I am changing the contents of meals for 3 months. I want to improve cholesterol levels, because I was informed about the ratios as one of the results from health checks which I got 3 months ago at our office.

・I had an operation on my left thumb last month.

・I went to see my dentist the other day and it turns out that I had a cavity.

・Lately, I didn’t have any, but I had a surgery to remove giant uterine fibroids 13 months ago.

・No, I haven’t had any injuries or sickness lately, but I have been having a backache.

・Recently, I and my wife held a BBQ party. In the beginning of the BBQ, I got burned when I tried to light the fire.

・Recently, I had a medical examination. I was surprised that my blood pressure was high.

・Lately I had a bad tooth. So I went to the dentist.

・I have no sickness or injuries.

・No, I haven’t. I have been good lately.

・I got burned on part of my right foot lightly when I worked at my factory.

・I have twisted my neck when I was sleeping.

・Yes, I have. 3 months ago, when I ate some hard food, one of my upper teeth cracked. So I have been treated by a dentist. The crack was so deep, I had to have my tooth pulled out. Now, I’m going to the dentist’s for implant treatment.

・I haven’t had any injuries or sickness lately, but my husband got COPD because he had a habit of smoking.

Previous student samples
・I have been feeling a dull pain in my legs since three years ago.

・I got a cold from my friend at the end of last year.

・I had a fever a week ago.

・I cut my left finger with my right little fingernail when I was changing my clothes.

・I have caught a cold. My cold has gotten better.

・I have a touch of a cold, but I’m holding it up.

・I haven’t had any injuries or sickness. But today I was thinking and hit a telephone pole, so I fell off my bicycle.

・Lately I bruised my face and cut my lips.

・I hurt my knee about two months ago.

・I had a stiff neck because I looked at my computer for a long time.

This week’s student samples
・I have trouble with my right thumb since last month.

・Last Saturday I injured my left thumb while playing tennis.

・I had an operation 3 months ago.

・I don’t have any these days. I’m happy.

・Luckily, I don’t have any.

・I feel strain from work.

・I have lower back pain for the past 4 months.

・I have no problems.

・Not at all, because I wear a mask and check my temperature every day.

・Five days ago I cut my right index finger.

・I feel pain in my right knee.

・Lately, I have a hay-fever.

・Not an injury, but I hit my elbow.

・I broke my shoulder 5 years ago and had to stop playing volleyball.

・I bit my tongue.

・Yes. I feel shoulder pain when I put on or take off my clothes.

・My shoulder sometimes gets dislocated when I play badminton.

・Fortunately, I don’t have any injuries.

・I haven’t had any sickness lately. Probably, because I wear masks and wash my hands many times a day.

・I’m not injured but I have a headache.

・Recently, I have been having problems with my eyesight.

Previous student samples
・I caught a cold last week but I’m feeling good now.

・I tore my leg muscle while playing golf on my holiday.

・I didn’t have any injuries or sickness for a long time. I’m lucky.

・When I ate too much food I had an upset stomach.

・No, but I always fall down at school, so I have many little injuries.

・I don’t have anything. I am healthy.

・I’m healthy now but I have a little atopy sometimes.

・I’m ok. I feel good.

・I’m healthy everyday.

・I broke my rib five weeks ago.

・I had sore teeth so I went to the dentist to get it fixed.

・I’m healthy these days.

・I’m good. I have asthma, but it is not a problem these days.

・I’m healthy now but I’m going to get a colonoscopy, just in case.

・I had stiff shoulders last month so I went to an acupuncture clinic. When I was there I also got my face done, so now both my face and shoulders feel great.

・I haven’t had injuries or sicknesses. I took a physical exam last month. I got the results. I’m doing fine.

・My health is good because recently I haven’t caught a cold.

・I had an injury. 3 weeks ago, I jumped to a sand island in the water near a waterfall. I thought I could jump to that island, but my jumping power was weak, so hit my legs on a rock, and I was bleeding. but it was ok because I have hurt myself many times, so I’m used to it.

・Today I’m so sore all over my body because I moved to a new office yesterday. I had to move some machines, so I’m sore.

・I’m tired because I worked too many times so I’m very tired.

・I’m sleepy because I worked until 11:00 last night.

・I injured myself when I was washing dishes. I snapped a fragile small dish that had cracks in it. I cut my hand.

・I myself am ok, but I had a report that d senior high school student got a bloody nose this morning. Today is the entrance exam in my company for senior high school students so students stay in my company dormitory, so my coworker took him to the hospital this morning. After that he told me that the student got better.

・I had surgery in September. After the surgery, I felt pain when I laughed or coughed, but gradually, it is getting better.

・Not lately, but about twenty five years ago, my leg was falling asleep and the doctor said let’s get MRI. He said two points in my spinal column were narrow and the neurons get pinched. I was young but it was caused by genetics. My father had it too. Lately I sit for a long time at work. My legs often fall asleep.

・Recently I don’t have any injuries or sickness.

・I chewed a lot in my mouth because I had stomatitis.

・I had a slight cold last week. Because I took off the blanket during my sleep.

・Recently I haven’t. When I was in junior high school, I broke my arm.

・No I didn’t. But lately my finger’s side feels dry. So it feels very rough. Now I am using hand cream. I use alcohol on my hand everyday.

・I had a toothache. I like sweets very much and I often have toothaches.

・Lately I haven’t because I don’t have time to go out.

・Not sickness. I peeled off pinky finger’s skin yesterday.

・A week ago I had a cold. Because I took my blanket off in my sleep.

・A month ago I had this strange feeling of corona. Someone I know tested positive. Since then I have been a little bit worried.

・I hit my pinky finger with a shopping cart. I broke my nail and fell from stairs

・Last January I had herpes zoster on my left leg.

・I broke one of my rib bones last year while surfing in Hawaii.

・I have diabetes but I haven’t felt any sickness recently.

・Last year I may have had corona when I was attending my business trip to China.

・Recently I haven’t. But when I was in college, I had to get admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks.

・No, I haven’t.

・After lockdown I have started doing exercise. Nowadays  I feel little pain in my left wrist.

・Recently I haven’t. But a few years ago I broke my left arm while skiing.

・Yes, I had a few months ago. I had an injury in my right knee while I was playing golf with my son-in-law. Though I am still hurting a little I want to resume playing soon, as it now the best season to play at the golf course.

・Recently I had a pain in my right eye because I wore contact lenses always. But my condition is good because I went to the hospital yesterday. I got medicine.

・No I haven’t. I’m fine in the coronavirus pandemic situation but my mother suffered from sudden hearing loss.

・I had a pain on my foot about a week six months ago. Maybe the pain was caused by part of my bone problem. I don’t know the details of the trouble but around my bone I had a heavy ache. While for about six months I didn’t run because of COVID-19 but I think I will have that pain again if I resume running.

・I get rhinitis, so l’m not in a good condition at the turn of the season. I’m still taking medicine today. When rhinitis becomes terrible, I have sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes, and I can’t concentrate on anything. I feel a little better when l’m exercising, I think because my blood circulation is improved.

・I had a headache last Friday because I have migraines. I always have a headache when a typhoon approaches besides my shoulders are always stiff and they hurt.

・I ate a lot of spicy food so I had a stomach ache.

・I don’t know why but I get stomach aches sometimes.

・Two weeks ago I went to the hospital because my ears felt blocked. I got some medicine. I think it is caused by stress.

・Last summer I was standing on a chair putting something on a bulletin board. I felt dizzy,  fell down and broke one of my ribs.

・I bought new running shoes and ran last weekend. Because they are new, I got blisters on my feet.

・I haven’t been sick or had any injuries, but I sometimes burn myself when I’m cooking.

・Fortunately I have not gotten even a cold these years.

・I haven’t injuries or sickness recently but I felt sick because last Friday I drank a lot of alcohol then next day I had a heavy hangover.

・No, I haven’t been injured or sick lately. I’m in very good health. The only trouble is that my car’s battery recently broke down and I had it repaired by a repair company. My car is still a new car for a year and a half. I’ll take it to my dealer tomorrow.

・I fractured my left little finger in June.

・Last week I ran up the stairs two at a time and slipped.

・Yes I have, actually I have had a problem with my neck, I have a dull pain in my neck so I have received acupuncture recently.

・I haven’t any injuries and sickness lately, but occasionally if I wear new shoes I injure my foot.

・No I haven’t but my dad slipped on the stairs at his work and injured his knee badly.

・No I haven’t, I had a little difficulty sleeping I think maybe I can try to sleep earlier than before.

・ I had been swollen from my left ear to my chin and became like a balloon so I was resting for about a month. Now I’m fine and I’m coming to Smith’s.

 No I haven’t. I haven’t been sick for 2 to 3 years.

・No I haven’t.

・Yes, I skinned my knee when I was playing tennis yesterday.

・No I haven’t.

・No I haven’t had any injuries or sickness lately.

・Last weekend I had a runny nose and was constantly sneezing. As a result, I couldn’t sleep at all. I don’t know what caused that.

・No I haven’t.

・No I haven’t. I haven’t had any injuries or sickness lately. Because I’m careful not to get caught in COVID-19 and don’t go out much.

 No I haven’t. But I caught the flu last February.

・No I haven’t had any injuries or sickness lately. I’m fine.

 I haven’t caught a cold recently and haven’t been injured.

・I didn’t have any injuries or sickness lately. My body temperature has stayed normal.

・I haven’t had any injuries or sickness except for being seasick, in the last two years.

・Yes, I had a terrible migraine last week.