英会話無料レッスン 3A19 生徒さんが作った例文

英会話無料レッスン 3A19 生徒さんが作った例文
What was the toughest thing about today?


This week’s student samples
・Today I had to choose between Japanese history, International history and Geography. It was too tough because I don’t like any of them.

・Today I had nothing tough. It was a good day.

・Today I did skipping. It was tough.

・I think learning and understanding lots of formulas in physics class was the toughest thing about today. Those formulas were about condensers and I’m really bad at electronics things. So it was so hard.

Previous student samples
・What was the toughest thing about today? My bike was stolen. So I had to walk to my apartment from the station.

・Today I was studying in the library from 10:30 to 18:30. That was too tough for me.

・Riding on a moving train was the toughest thing because I got motion sickness.

・My friend said she would lend me her textbook. But she needed it for her next lesson.

・I couldn’t eat lunch because I was too busy.

・It was an easy, peaceful day today. Today’s toughest thing was walking back to home in the rain for about twenty-five minutes.

This week’s student samples
・The toughest thing for me today is the humid, hot weather because I can’t do anything outside. – Suzuki

Previous student samples
・Studying Japanese history for the school exam. – Ozawa

・The toughest thing about today was having to listen to my students complain. – Nito

・I couldn’t get out of bed because it was so cold this morning.

・The one-legged pigeon pose in my yoga class because my body is stiff. – Mio

・Today I ran 30km in Yoyogi Park. – Miyazaki

・For me, the toughest thing about today is the temperature. – Suzuki

・Waking up was the toughest thing today because it was very cold in the morning. – Kimoto

・The toughest thing about today was getting out of bed. Today is the next day after working seven days in a row. I really wanted to sleep in, but I had to get up early to do housework that I couldn’t take care of during the week. – Arahara

This week’s student samples
・It was a day in summer some years ago. I cleaned a small garden and cut the grass. It was the toughest time. Furthermore I found that a pillar in my home was eaten by termites. It was the toughest scene.

・The toughest thing is that I can’t schedule well a school event for new students. In the second semester there will be a school event for new students next year. Adjusting the schedule for this event is very difficult because it involves the schedules of five other schools and four doctors.

・Today I feel sleepy from the morning when I woke up. So I don’t want to do my work but I must finish some of my tasks. The toughest thing today is to keep concentrating on my job.

・Today I had nothing to do but I had a tough thing last week. Recently there has been a lot of thunderstorms in the evening. The other day it started raining when I was about to leave my office. That day there were thunderstorms too. My clothes were dripping wet even with an umbrella. I gave up stopping at the grocery store on the way home. I wanted to stop there.

・It was very hot today. I’m careful not to get heatstroke. I am worried about my high school sons, too. Because various school events are canceled because of coronavirus, and they can’t spend their wonderful school life enough, so their motivation doesn’t rise. I think the current situation is the toughest thing for them, so I endure the heat and follow them.

・I had a hangover this morning.

・I had a stomach ache and it was tough. I think I drink too much beer last night so I will not drink beer tonight.

・Today I ordered lunch a shop for the first time. The lunch was so big I was full. And after lunch I was sleepy. At that time a business partner came to my office and he bought us cream puffs. The number was 80!! However the number of employees who came to work today was 45. I had to eat three cream puffs It was the toughest thing about today.

・Today I had nothing tough but my daughter had hit her fourth toe on the chair when she was cleaning the dining room with a vacuum. After that her toe was swelling from internal bleeding.

・Today, the temperature was very high. It was 37°. I can’t stand this heat anymore. I worry about my dog because he has fur.

・Lately I’ve been sleeping late and it’s tough for me to wake up in the morning. Today the toughest thing is to get up in the morning. I want to sleep late morning. However I have to wake up my children to prepare them to go to school.

・Today I had three web meetings in my job. It was the toughest thing for me. At first I met with a consultant of human resource management on Zoom.  Second I was invited by my colleague with Microsoft Team. The last one I had a man-to-man meeting with my team member about his promotion.

・To get up before 7 am this morning was the toughest thing.  Because it was a kitchen garbage collection day I cleaned the drain in the kitchen and put the garbage in the plastic bags. I took these bags to the collection site.

Previous student samples
・I got up early today. I got up more early than usual. It was tough.

This week’s student samples
・In the morning, I made my daughter do her summer homework. It was tough. She didn’t listen to something I said.

・I went bowling today. My score was not good. That was the toughest thing for me.

・Last night I watched TV until late, so today there was a long meeting. I had to endure sleepiness in the meeting.

・This morning, I had to get up early. That was the toughest thing.

・My grandson is shy with strangers. When I hold him, he cries.

Previous student samples
・I joined a yacht race in 2016. That day our boat was in a storm. So, the waves were big. I felt sick. It was tough.

・Today my toughest thing was waking up. I was so sleepy this morning. It was hard.

This week’s student samples
・The toughest thing was working without breakfast today.

Previous student samples
・What was the toughest thing today? Today I was walking in my neighbourhood. I went up a long hill. I was very tired.

・The toughest thing this week for me? I have 2 books which I borrowed from the city library. Because the due date is the day after tomorrow, I must finish reading them. I stayed up late last night to finish one book. So today I’m so sleepy but I must continue to read the other book.

・I hurt my leg so I couldn’t go to tennis school.

・I went to buy a box lunch at noon but it was sold out.

This week’s student samples

・It was very hot when I watered plants.

・The toughest thing was to keep my left hand dry all day long, because my left thumb was operated on five days ago.

・The toughest thing was caring for my mother after work.

・It was to walk to commute in the heat.

・Today, my boss reviewed my paper, and he did not think it had the quality needed, so he ordered me to rewrite it.

・I went to Honmachi and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the train was severe.

・I had nothing tough. I had a good day.

・The toughest thing about today was that I got an email that said our product wasn’t performing as well as others’ from a customer. Probably he didn’t use it in the environment that the performance of our product is better than others’.

・I wanted to cough but I didn’t want to be taken as being coronavirus-infected, so I sucked it up.

・Today I had a very bad night.

・I went to a hospital in Osaka for a checkup in the morning. It was too hot while I was walking there from the station.

・Walking outside in scorching hot weather was the toughest thing about today.

・The toughest thing was getting up this morning because I had overtime yesterday.

Previous student samples
・Today I went to a clearance sale in Osaka and then I had to go up a long staircase from a subway station.

・I had nothing tough today.

・Today getting up early was the toughest thing.

・I came back from my hometown.

・I won four straight tennis matches and won a tennis championship. It was so tough.

・I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.

・It was resisting eating more chocolate.

・It was to put up with hunger before lunchtime.

・Biology class was the hardest for me because I couldn’t understand.

・I had to get up early this morning because I had to drive my son to Osaka Airport at 6 am. I was sleepy all day long. At that time, my wife said to me, “Let’s go on a picnic because it is fine today.” I thought a little and I said, “Let’s go.” In fact, I wanted to sleep in my room, but I chose “family peace”.

This week’s student samples
・I had a good day, but I had so much work to do.

My stiff shoulder. I always have a stiff shoulder.

I repaired the satellite antenna on the roof.

Today, I had nothing hard to do.

The toughest thing today was finishing my job on time.

The toughest thing was the heat.

The toughest thing was giving all class online lectures from 9:30 to 17:30.

My job was too quiet. It is tough.

・I got a shift schedule for next month and it is a tough schedule.

Today’s toughest thing was walking up in the morning.

It’s the heat. And not just today.

Previous student samples
・I couldn’t sit down on the train this morning so it was tough.

・Today was tough because I forgot my lunchbox at home and I had to return back home from the station.

・The toughest thing today was a muscle cramp in my right leg. It was painful.

This week’s student samples
・My shoulder hurts because I have been playing video games too hard recently.

The toughest thing about today was weeding my garden.

On Sunday, I went up a mountain slope for 50 minutes in Minoh. It was very tough for me.

Earlier this month, I bought an electric fan at the Keihan Mall in Tenmabashi. It was a small product, and I wanted to use it immediately. So I took it by hand and took the bus from Tenmabashi. At first there was no problem, but gradually the bus became crowded. Unfortunately, there was a stroll for a baby, the passage was narrow, and my box was getting in the way of people. So I got off the bus and walked home with the box, which took me 20 minutes. This was tough for me.

The toughest thing today was that I had a briefing session at my school and was standing from morning till evening. I stood all day long and had a backache.

Today was a normal day so nothing bad happened.

The toughest thing for me today was that I had to take a shower after I got home from work. I felt very sleepy after dinner. It was a hassle to take a shower.

I’m so hungry because of my intermittent fasting. This is tough for me.

I got my blood tested for anemia and pregnancy diabetes. But it was the final inspection so I don’t need it anymore.

The toughest thing about today was a crowded train in the morning.

I chased my son today. I went around my room more than 100 times because he said “one more time!” many times. That was the toughest thing for me.

Previous student samples
・My son is going to leave home to live alone.  This will be tough for me because I will miss him.

・Last Sunday, I played golf with an upper classman who is the best player in our club team.  It was very tough for me to keep up with him.

・On Friday, I cut my finger with a knife when I was cutting potatoes.  This was tough for me.

・Recently, I visited my friend’s takoyaki shop. I decided to walk back to my house. It took me one hour. This was very very tough for me.

・Last week I had a lot of exams.  I don’t like to study so this was tough for me.

・Choosing between Lixil and Panasonic goods for my house renovations was tough for me.

・Recently, I have been dealing with a serious problem between me and the vice-president of my company. This has been very tough for me.

・Today I had to prepare many documents for a meeting in Tokushima. It was very tough to finish everything.

・The toughest thing I have faced is assembling bunk beds by myself.

・Last Friday, our high school graduation ceremony was held all day long. This was very tough for me.

・At the end of January, my aunt passed away. Ten days later another aunt passed away. It was tough and I was very sad.

・Riding my bicycle while wearing a mask in this hot weather was tough.

・Walking to my office in this hot weather was tough.

・I had to miss lunch because I was working too hard.

・I went to another company by car. The car was very small and there were 3 people in it. The company is in the mountains and the road was very narrow and winding. Driving there was tough.

・Walking home in this hot weather for 30 minutes was very tough today.

・I did not sleep well, so it was tough waking up the next morning and going to work.

・The toughest thing was today’s work because I cooked lunch for old people. While cooking I was standing in the kitchen and it was very hot.

・Yesterday, I thought I would make delicious butter suttee, so I bought fresh scallops, but ended up failing because of over baking.

・ I didn’t have any tough things today, on the contrary, I enjoy every day. If I dare to say what was hard for me today, was that the temperature was hot.

・Not today, but the day before yesterday, I called the security guard at my work for information I called him twice from work and once after arriving home, but he didn’t answer, so I texted him and saw that he had read the message but he didn’t reply.

・It was the heat. It’s too hot every day.

・ It was to get up from my bed in the morning.

・Not today, but recently, my mother had a bad backache and it is the toughest for me.

・Reading an English book and keeping concentration and trying to understand was the toughest thing about today.

・The toughest thing about today is that it was very hot.