英会話無料レッスン 3A16 生徒さんが作った例文
Have you done any good deeds recently?


・Today, I bought my sister’s birthday cake.

・Today when my friend dropped her pen, I picked it up for her.

・Recently, my sister had a birthday so I made her a present.

・Have you done any good deeds today? I reported a piece of lost property I found to the nearest police station this morning.

Today, I picked up my friend’s pen when it fell down.

・I washed a bath three days ago.

・I gave my sister many toy cars.

・I got perfect English speaking test. (Good deed for me)

・Today I cleaned up my classroom and prepared for our graduation.

・These days I go to school ten minutes before the morning home room bell rings.

・I got up early this morning and enjoyed yoga.

・On the way to the office in the morning, I saw an old man hit by a car and lying on Naniwa-suji St. in front of Fukushima station. I and several men carried him on to the pavement before a policeman came.

・I donated my change at a 7-11 cash register.

・I found a song that is useful to remember fish names in English. Its title is “Can you see ? I’m sushi”. Picotaro sings that song. He is famous for his former song called PPAP.

This week’s student samples
・At the supermarket I found a shopping basket in the parking lot, so I took it back inside the store.  Asami

・Last weekend I cooked dinner, cleaned the house, and did laundry for my wife because she works hard. Mr. Yamamoto

・My mother lives in Sendai and doesn’t understand internet shopping, so I ordered something for her.  Mika

・I helped a man who was trying to pull the shutter down at his home. He was too short, so I helped him.  Wakana

・I helped my sister with her presentation for college.  Yumiko

・I went to a shrine and prayed for my family’s health.  Kenji

This week’s student samples
・My dad requested an Apple Watch for his birthday last week, so I bought him one, and he loves it. – Terakawa

Previous student samples
・I massaged my mothers shoulders. – Sekiya

・When I saw a person fall down on the street, I helped him to get up. – Mio

・I made dinner for my girlfriend because she caught a cold. – Kurihara

・I washed the bathroom sink for my wife. – Miyazaki

・I helped my coworker with her work after I punched out. – Nito

・Recently I taught many things to a new coworker. – Kimoto

This week’s student samples
・My daughter will have term tests soon so I helped her with her studies.

・Last week when I and my friend went to have lunch I picked her up. That was my good deed.

・I helped my mother. I washed the bathroom yesterday.

・I helped my mother. I took the dishes to the table. (I set the table) I dished out the dinner

・There was a meeting at my school yesterday. Students had a meeting using Zoom. I set up the computers for students.

・Today I helped my friend do her homework.

・Yesterday my sister was in trouble because some math questions were too difficult to solve for her. So I taught her how to do them.

・Actually, I bought some tickets that are issued by Nara city for shopping. the price was ¥10,000 but we can use them to buy ¥12,000 worth of good and more, we can use them for ¥2000 off in a restaurant. So I bought 5 tickets and I already used them. And I can only use them in Nara city. So I am helping my city by using these tickets.

・Many people in Japan eat broiled (grilled) eel in summer. So the other day I invited my parents to our house. We ate grilled eel on rice together. It’s my good deed.

・I took a web seminar for Microsoft. My daughter will work for and IT company next year. I invited her to the seminar. I think she learned a lot.  That was my good deed.

・I let an old woman go ahead of me at the cash register.

・Recently, I found some kinds of creatures around my office. One creature is a baby frog. I found it in my office entrance, so I picked it up and took it away from the entrance to a nearby tree. I found a sparrow in the classroom, so I opened the window and let it out. And then I found a Japanese drone beetle that was on its back, so I helped it and left it outside.

Previous student samples
・One teacher lost the key for the classroom’s locker. He is very young. He gets excited easily. I looked for it with him. That was my good deed.

・Today I lent my friend an eraser.

・I went down to the car early to defrost the windows for my wife because there was a heavy frost.

・I cleaned the room before my husband woke up.

・Yes, I have. I cooked bacon and spinach cream pasta for my family for dinner, and it was delicious.

・Recently I have been to the hospital to visit my friend. Fortunately she is doing fine and she will be in hospital for only 10 days.

・Seven weeks ago I rescued a newborn kitten and now she is growing well. At first there were 3 kittens but unfortunately I couldn’t rescue all 3 of them. I think that I got an amazing present, rather than having done a good deed.

・I made accessories for my friends.

・I gave my wife a massage because she was tired.

・No. I haven’t yet done any good deeds today, but I will!

・I made a donation to the Rotary Fund and the Scholarship Fund at the local Rotary Club in Kyoto.

・I returned abandoned shopping carts to the designated space in the supermarket parking lot. It’s because I worry about accidents which could result from them being abandoned.

This week’s student samples
・I checked my son’s homework.

・I gave masks to my family.

I gave birthday presents to my two grandsons.

I bought a present for my nephew.

Day before yesterday I took my customer to Shiga.

I held my friend’s shopping bag, because she injured her ribs.

I gave my niece earrings.

I bought two pieces of cake on my way home this Monday and celebrated our wedding anniversary.

Yesterday I thought mathematics to my friend.

I’ve done housework to help my wife. For example washing the dishes, cleaning our bathroom, boiling water to make Japenese tea every day.

I helped my neighbour to mow her garden.

I’ve started doing summer vacation homework before the vacation starts.

I cooked lunch for my family. I made zarusoba.

We gave a present to our colleague for her last day at the laboratory.

I donated 400ml of my blood recently.

Previous student samples
・Last Saturday, I took the subway and gave my seat to a senior lady.

・Cat safety is important so I did a technical check of my parents’ car recently.

・Last weekend I became a cameraman at my niece’s ceremony.

・Today, I cooked big breakfast for the whole family.

・Yesterday, I took my daughter to a ski resort in Biwako Valley.

・Today, I gave a small cake to my friend’s mum.

This week’s student samples
・Last Friday I sent a birthday present to my granddaughter with a birthday card. Her birthday was on July 16. I was so busy in July, so I said sorry to her on the telephone.

I have practiced the koto hard, because I have stayed home every day. I haven’t met anyone recently.

I lent my eraser to my friend.

I weeded today for the first time in three months.

I bought a cake in Umeda for my husband.

・I silently listened to my boss’s complaints. My boss came from our parent company last April. He complains every day about our company, national policies, America and China, and so on. I can’t argue because he says the right things. I’m releasing his stress.

・Recently, I made a chocolate chiffon cake and gave it to my friend.

・I gave my girlfriend matching shorts.

・I cannot think of anything.

・Recently, I spend a lot of time at home, so I try to do housework as much as possible.

Previous student samples
・I found some trash which was not mine on the floor, so I put it in the garbage can.

・Last Sunday my granddaughter performed piano, so I gave a small bouquet to her.

・I called back the unknown telephone number from which I had received a message.

・Recently, I cleaned up my living room.

・I called my friend and thanked her for her birthday card.

・I have done two good deeds recently. First was teaching math and English to my granddaughter. Next was raising money to rebuild Shuri Castle.

・Yesterday I helped my mom design a photo stand to sell at the school bazaar.

・Today when my friend dropped his pen, I picked it up.

・I showed a patient the way to the hospital.

・This morning, crows scattered garbage out of a plastic bag which my neighbor across the road had put outside, so I cleared it from the road and watered carefully to clean the road.

・I offered my seat to an old woman on the train.

・I did my laundry because I change my mother’s clothes twice a week.

・I didn’t do anything special.

・I learned a new dance at a dance class last week.

This week’s student samples
・Yes.  I’m taking care of my parents and mother-in-law. 

Yes I have. I cook dinner for my family every Wednesday.

Yes I have.  Yesterday was my wife’s birthday so I made dinner for her to celebrate it.

Yes.  I helped an old woman carry her shopping in a cart to her apartment.

Yes I have. I made cream puffs for my boss.

Yes I have.  Last week, I got a dozen or two  milk cartons that I washed and opened, so I took them to a recycling box in a supermarket.

Yes. Yesterday I gave directions to an old man at a bus stop.

Yes I have.  I donated the minimum amount of money to Wikipedia.

Yes. I sent a small gift to my niece.

Yes I have.  I make meals for my husband every day.

Previous student samples
・Yes I have.  Recently I have been driving my mother where she wants to go.

Two weeks ago, I helped an old lady buy a ticket at the subway station and then rode with her to Umeda Station.

Yes. Tuesday was a school holiday for me so I helped my mother with the shopping and housework.

Yesterday, I helped my daughter with her homework.

Yes I have. I gave my wife a week’s vacation and she went to see her family in China.

・Last Sunday there was a virtual Pokemon Go event. I reminded my friend about it, which made him very happy.

・Recently, I helped a stranger who had fallen down.

・Recently, I helped some lost people on Tosabori Dori. I looked up their destination on Google Maps for them.

・Recently, in the bathroom in my fitness club changing room, a woman fell towards me and I caught her so she didn’t hit the floor.

・Recently I answered a questionnaire for Lixil.  I gave the staff member who helped me high scores.

・Today I taught my colleague how to open two files at the same time in the same application. I changed the application settings to do this.

・On Sunday, I took my wife’s mother to a hot spring in Kagawa. We went on Sunday and came back early on Monday morning.

・Recently, I made some documents for my boss because he was too busy.  He was very happy and he said thank you.

This week’s student samples
・I looked for my friend’s iPhone when he lost it. At first, my friend tried to call a taxi but he couldn’t find his iPhone. Next, I used my computer to find my friend’s iPhone location. I could find my friend’s iPhone so quickly. GPS is convenient.

・I massaged my wife’s shoulders because she looked like she was very tired. By the way, I would like to introduce you to a Japanese proverb. If you give to others good deeds like a volunteer, it means to illuminate your feet.

・I’m into Korean drama. My colleague is also into it. She has a favourite actor so I bought his calendar when I went to Korean town. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

・I don’t remember about good deeds. I sometimes think my deeds are good for others. Other times my deeds are bad for them. But I don’t notice it. However I believe my deeds help or are good for others.

・There is no imaginable deed. I have played tennis for my health recently. I play tennis twice a week, but I plan to change it to three times a week. A healthy body produces a healthy spirit, and I hope I can do something good for somebody with my healthy spirit.

・I chose a gift for my friend with other friends. Because she gave birth this month this gift is a baby gift. We chose a baby gym, Halapeko Aomushi. It is colourful and very cute. We hope her baby grows up well.

・I went to volunteer recently. The volunteering was to pick up the garbage in the sea. A lot of turtles and dolphins eat plastic garbage and die. Last Saturday I went to Kushimoto for diving then I met a turtle in the sea. It was very funny. I want to try as a volunteer hand still more.

・Yes I have, I weeded my garden which has a lot of weeds for six hours.  So my garden is getting better.

・When my granddaughter and I went to a clothing store I bought some clothes and gave them to her because her birthday is next month.

・When I went horse riding this week I took care of the horse very well.  I washed and brushed the horse  after the lesson. Is that a good deed for a horse?

・I repaired a bicycle that my wife got over 10 years ago. I replace brake wire and the light. Regarding the light, I didn’t know the light didn’t work because I haven’t got on this bike at night. So I change to LED light.

・I gave an umbrella to a man when it rained heavily. He took shelter from the rain with his baby. I had two umbrellas so I gave it to him.

Previous student samples
・I cleaned the house. I did the laundry, cleaned the bathroom and put the vacuum cleaner on. And I went shopping for dinner. So most of today’s jobs were finished. I’m happy.

This week’s student samples
・I helped a cat. Cat was in the river and I picked it up.

・I have donated ¥5,000 to a restaurant that was about to close down because of coronavirus.

・I helped my friend about study.

・I bought a souvenir for my father.

・Recently, I don’t want to spread the virus to other people so everyday I wear a mask.

・Recently, I picked up somebody’s mobile phone and I tried to take it to the police station but on my way to the police station, the mobile phone rang loudly and it displayed “I search this phone” so I went back to the place where I picked it up and there a person raised his hand and I handed it to him.

・Recently, I vacuum cleaned everyday this week.

・I treated my English teacher and friend to food and wine.

・My patient’s hand power is going down and down so one year ago, I recommended an electric toothbrush. This week, she came to my office for cleaning so she said she has the toothbrush now and it is so good. Her mouth is better.

・When I was on the train, I saw the elderly people and I gave my seat to them.

・My mom worried about coronavirus so I called her and I took care of her mental health.

・Yesterday, I went to futakotamagawa with my best friend and I bought some clothes for my cousins. The 3 year old cousin likes dinosaurs, T-rex is the best for him. The little cousin likes Minnie Mouse. I bought a dinosaur t-shirt and a minnie mouse t-shirt for them.

・I have set up a BBQ party with my son’s friend and his family while taking measures against infection.  I am glad that the bored children have really enjoyed. Since parents were also able to relax well, that BBQ was valuable for us.

・I brought vegetables which my dad grew for my English teacher.

・Last week I went to my family’s grave and cleaned it.

・I organized a farewell ceremony for the secretary. She is serving our boss for the past 7 years and now she’s transferring to a different department. My colleague gifted her with a wine created 7 years ago.

・Saturday is the day where garbage cars come to my apartment and I put my garbage bags out in the morning every saturday. And in the location where I pick up my garbage I pick up leaves which I find on the floor. There are 10 rooms in my apartment and it seems that no one except me has an interest to keep the entrance clean.

・I bought new snacks for my niece.

・Recently, I contacted my old friends and I arranged an online drinking party next week. As you know, recently we can’t meet together in reality so we don’t have a chance to talk with each other. I arranged a reunion so I can say it’s a small good deed

・Today I went to Azamino Gardens to buy sushi to bring to my house. My son was very happy.

This week’s student samples
・The other day at the supermarket, I saw an older woman who was confused how to use the automatic register, so I helped her.

・No, I haven’t any done good deeds recently. Nothing comes to mind.

・Yes, I gave a present to my wife last week. I bought her the long blouse she wanted. She was delighted to get the blouse.

・Yes, when I went to my local board office to do something, I saw a smart phone a little far from my sitting place and there was a woman sitting close to it and I thought it might be hers. I saw her go to the counter and leave the phone, so I took it to her and she thanked me.

・I have taken my coworker diving because he was busy, he couldn’t go diving alone so I have taken my coworker diving.

・Yes, I helped my friend to stand up. My friend had back pain.

・I met my old friend and had dinner and I paid for him.

・I did a good deed recently. I planned our teacher’s birthday party.

・I do good deeds every day at work.


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