英会話無料レッスン 3A11 生徒さんが作った例文
Did you have any fun today?


・Today I tried hard in my test. I passed so, it was fun.

・Before summer vacation I tried a test. Today the test came back and it was a good score.

・I watched TV. And it was quite fun. But I watched it for too long. So, my eyes are getting tired.

・I just went to the library to study math. One good point, I met one of my elementary school friends.

・Today I installed a new game. I played the game after school. It was a lot of fun.

・My piano teacher gave me chocolate leaves when I practiced piano.

This week’s student samples
・To be honest today was a normal day. Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday so I went to buy her a present. I think she will have fun tomorrow.

・It was fun to go to English conversation class today.

・Yes I did, my daughter came back home with her son.

This week’s student samples
・Yes, I ate sweet plums from Kagawa today. They were delicious!  (Yumiko)

Yes I walked my dog in Hashimoto Kita Koen and saw many beautiful flowers. (Asami)

・On Sunday, I went to Hanshin Racecourse. I attended a horse jockey event that was held there.  This was fun for me.

Last night my daughter performed her sports day routine at home for me.  It was fun to watch.

Last weekend I had fun attending a branding seminar in Toyosaki.

Every day I have fun when I finish my jobs at work.

This week’s student samples
・Yes I did. I went to my local DIY store and bought Japanese crickets.

I had a fun English lesson here today!

Yes, when I played with my son in the morning.

Previous student samples
・Yes, I did. I met my friends at Costco and we had hotdogs, pizza and coke.

Today was just a normal day, but it was a good day.

Yes. My team won a centipede race at school today.

・Today, I ate “nanakusa kayu”, as is tradition on the 7th of January, eating rice porridge with seven different spring herbs. It was fun to make and eat.

・Did I have any fun today? Yes. I had an English lesson today. I talked with my English teacher and it was very fun because it’s been a long time since I last saw him.

・Did you have any fun today? I have nothing special to talk about except that I could come back to this lesson after the holidays.

・Did you have any fun today? No, I didn’t. But I want to be able to enjoy whatever that comes to my way.

・Did you have any fun today? Not specifically but I spent new year’s holiday eating, drinking and chatting a lot. That is the right way to spend new year’s holiday.

・Did you have any fun on new year’s day? Yes. I had a sushi party with my family and my brother’s family at our mother’s house. We have this party every January 1st.

・Did you have any fun yesterday? I had fun playing golf with my friends for the first time this year.

・Yes, I had fun today even though I was working. – Kurihara

I had fun making “changko” with my classmates at school today. – Ozawa

No, I did not have any fun today because I had to work. – Sekiya

Yes, I watched an interesting movie today. It is Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. – Mio

・Not so special, although I had the day off. I ran in Yoyogi park, then I went to my friend’s sandwich shop which serves Argentinian soul food. – Miyazaki

・Yes, I’m glad I was able to sleep in. – Nito

・Yes, I had fun sleeping and waking up late. – Arahara

・Today I watched my favorite TV program. It was a lot of fun.

This week’s student samples
・I did housework perfectly.

Last night I went to a restaurant near Mukonoso Station with my husband. It was very fun for me.

Today I met Mr. Hachikawa’s son at a tennis court in Kanzakigawa for the first time in four years. It was nostalgic. He said he was a second-year college student and majoring in economics.

It wasn’t particularly fun, but in the morning I went to my friend’s apartment and changed the air.

No, I didn’t. It was a normal day. I had nothing special.

I’m finally ready for the renovation day. I’m going to start as soon as I get the wallpaper.

No, I haven’t yet but the fun is after this.

I talked about my father with my sister on LINE.

I bought Okinawan food in Osaka.

On Wednesday I had lunch and talked with my friends.

I read a book and felt relaxed in my house today. There was hard work on weekdays, so I am relaxing on the weekend.

Previous student samples
Yes, I did. I got a day off for working on a holiday, so I could take the fun lesson here.

Not today, but last Wednesday I received a birthday card from my friend.

Yes, I did. I found my customer and coworker have three common points. Firstly, they are very cheerful. Secondly, they don’t drink alcohol. Thirdly, they are single. I’d like to meet them soon. I just called my customer.

Yes, I did. I had lunch with my elementary school friend at a restaurant in Kwansei Gakuin University.

Yes, I did. I played badminton with my students. I like playing badminton.

Yes, I did. I watched Bon Jovi on Youtube while eating ice-cream and drinking coffee.

Yes, I did. I planned my trip to New Zealand with my friend.

Yes, I did. A new employee who joined my company this spring has been assigned to my section. The average age of my section’s members is 50 years old, so we are glad to get the young man. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow into a new generation of engineers capable of developing AI technology.

・My cousin sent me a crab. It’s very delicious. We call it Matunagani”. My hometown is famous for crabs.

I listened to my favorite singer’s CD.

・I had a nice dream last night. In that dream, I could speak English freely and fluently.

It was the first day for me to work in 2019, so I talked with co-workers about the winter holiday.

・One of my troubles with my job was solved.

・I enjoyed a New Year’s party with my friends yesterday.

I went to a sports club for the first time this year. I enjoyed dancing for the first time in a while.

I watched TV yesterday and it was fun, but I watched it for a long time, so I couldn’t wake up early today.

・I ate Takoyaki. I wanted to eat it for a long time. It was very delicious.

・I had some fun this morning. Part of it was that I was able to have a conversation with a cute clerk at a glasses store.

・I watched a recording of a rugby game, it was beautifully played, it was so fun.

・Today I didn’t have any fun but yesterday I had a happy thing. The reason why is because I got a musical instrument, an old alto flute.

・I watched a TV drama this morning, it is an NHK morning drama. It will end this week, it was a very beautiful story. I enjoyed this drama this morning.

・Yes, I studied English. I had fun.

・Yes I had some fun which was this lesson and I met you again and I learned some English.

・Yes I did, I could get my favorite chocolate in the grocery store this morning.

・No, today is very boring, but coming soon holiday. Little bit of a long holiday.

・No I didn’t have any fun today.

・Today has just begun so no I didn’t, but last weekend I was very tired so I took a long shower and body massage I was relaxed very much and fun.

・I haven’t had any fun today.

・Yes, I had. My dog pooped on a dot’s tail.・Yes, I studied English.

・I went shopping to look at a new wetsuit.

・I went shopping for a wide angle light.

・I went shopping at a supermarket near my house and got a good deal on dried fish.

・No I had to go to work.

・No, I didn’t have any fun today.

・No, I didn’t have any fun today.

・I bought a new scarf before work because I left the old one on the train.

・No, I didn’t because I just worked.

I had an English speaking lesson.

・Today I had a shopping trip with my husband I bought a new business notebook.


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