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スミス英会話都島校 海の日


初日は西舞鶴にある橋政とんかつにランチを食べに行きました。 ヒレカツ・エビフライ定食を頼のんで。。。豚がジューシーで外がかりかり!今までに人生で一番美味しいかった!!!
二日目は三松海水浴場に行ってバーベキューをしました。天気よくて、海綺麗くて、バーベキュー美味しいくって。。。とても楽しいかった。 又行きたいな~~~

その日夜に東舞鶴にあるのがちま家に行きました。 今回は二回目で行って、食べ物が美味しくって、マスターの”もんち”さんがおもろかった!とんぺい焼き、スペアリブ、じゃがベーコン、手羽先、ラーメンも食べた。 食べ過ぎたけどとてもおいしいかった:)皆さん、舞鶴に行くことがあったら是非橋政とんかつとがちま家に行くことがお勧めです!

Sea Day 2016

This summer I spent the Sea Day holiday in Maizuru, Kyoto.
On the first day I went to HashiMasa Tonkatsu ( 橋政とんかつ)in Nishi Maizuru. I ordered the pork cutlet with deep fried shrimp lunch (ヒレカツ・エビフライ定職) and it was the best pork cutlet (とんかつ) that I have ever eaten in my life! The pork was very juicy and the outside was very crispy. Delicious!!
On day 2, I went to Mitsumatsu Beach (三松海水浴場)to have a BBQ and to go swimming.  The weather was wonderful, the beach was clean and the water was cool.  We had a very nice day enjoying good food and the beach.
In the evening, we went to an izakaya called Gachimaya (がちま家)in Higashi Maizuru. Once again, the food was great and the owner Monchi was very entertaining. We enjoyed eating tonpeiyaki (とんぺい焼き), beef spareribs (スペアリブ), baked potato with bacon and cheese (じゃがベーコン), chicken wings(手羽先), and noodle soup(ラーメン). I was very very full after eating all that food but it was delicious.  I highly recommend that go to HashiMasa Tonkatsu ( 橋政 とんかつ) and Gachimaya (がちま家)if you go to Maizuru!

スミス英会話都島校 ダン

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