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by Ruth &Larry (Edward’s parents)、スミス英会話大津校

Toshihiko is a student of Smith’s School of English in Otsu.
We visited his family home in Seta and had a wonderful Japanese meal.  Toshi’s parents have a beautiful home on a small farm where they grow vegetables and own a rice field. We met Toshi’s parents, sister, grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin. We also met his dog, Pocky. His family was so gracious and friendly, and very interested in hearing about Vancouver, where Toshi is studying English.

They served us a beautiful meal with many traditional Japanese foods, and enough to feed twice as many people.  They also gave us many gifts such as Japanese picture books for our grandson, a furoshiki and delicious rice from their rice field.

We feel very honoured to have been so graciously received and to have met such lovely people.

Ruth and Larry





スミス英会話大津校の生徒さんToshihikoの留学大冒険: エドワード先生の家族を訪ねてバンクーバー島へ
by Toshihiko、スミス英会話大津校生

in Ohtsu, Teacher's Thoughts, The Small Room by Mark | November 15, 2013 | 0 comments

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