Student Examples C28

英会話無料レッスン C28

英 語: I don’t mind (A) because (B).

日本語: (B)なので、(A)をしてもいいと思う。


I don’t mind not going to work because I’m sick today. (Anzu)

I don’t mind playing golf in the hot summer sun because I love golf. (Akira)

I don’t mind watching TV until late tonight because I will take a day off tomorrow. (Yoshiko)

I don’t mind going to Hokkaido next trip because I’ve been going to Okinawa every year for about ten years. (Eiko)

I don’t mind sleeping while the air conditioner is on because it’s humid every night and I can’t sleep well. (Shinichi)

I don’t mind making mistakes because at the moment, for my level, fluency is more important than accuracy. (Yutaka)

I don’t mind drying clothes in the sun outside today because the weather forecast says it will be fine weather all day. (Michi)


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