Student Examples C43

英会話無料レッスン C43

英 語: Thanks to (A), I can / could (B).

日本語: (A)のお陰で、私は(B)できます/できました。


This week’s teacher’s pick: Thanks to you, I could improve my English. (Toshihiko)

Thanks to him, I’ve got a lot of things that I have to do. (Noriko)

Thanks to my wife, I can concentrate on my work. (Yutaka)

Thanks to my friend giving me some apples, I could bake apple pies. (Anzu)

Thanks to my husband recording my favorite songs, I can listen to them on my smart phone. (Yoshiko)

Thanks to my husband’s younger brother holding his marriage ceremony in Guam, all of my family can do traveling abroad together. (Kumiko)

Thanks to Smith’s teachers teaching me English, I could get a personal best score on the TOEIC test. (Shinichi)

Thanks to technology, I can communicate so easily and quickly with people [who are] far away. (Mari)

Thanks to my daughter’s family living in the same condominium [as me], I can see my grand-daughter every day and I”m happy. (Shigemi)

Business examples:

Thanks to my coworkers’ support, I could accomplish several tasks at once. (Hiroki)

Thanks to [our] stockholders and investors, our company can expand our business. (Yosuke)