Student Examples C25

英会話無料レッスン C25

英 語: Basically (A) is (B) so (C).

日本語: 基本的に(A)は(B)なので(C)。


Basically June is rainy season in Japan so vegetables grow well in this season. (Hiroko)

Basically Hawaii is hot all year round so we can do without winter clothes. (Shigemi)

Basically keeping healthy is keeping a balance of rest and exercise so we need to not only sleep well but also exercise regularly and effectively. (Hiroko)

Basically hula dance is hands and waist movements so we don’t move from neck to waist. (Eiko)

Basically a stiff neck is from a lack of exercise so we need to exercise everyday. (Miyuki)

Basically museums are closed on Mondays in Japan so we have to go there on other days. (Miyuki)

Basically Japanese [people] are bath lovers so we go to hot springs in all seasons. (Michi)

Basically I don’t like crowds so I seldom go to Osaka but I think Grand Front Osaka is fun! (Noriko)