Student Examples, Week of January 6th

Happy New Year!

I really enjoy doing yoga because it makes me feel better. (Chiharu,スミス英会話大津校講師)

I really enjoy watching TV during oshogatsu (new year’s holiday) because there are many special programs. (Hitoshi)

I really enjoy having osechi (new year) lunch with my husband’s best friend’s family because it’s our annual new year event since we got married. (Masako)

I really enjoy whatever I do because I want to live merrily and seriously. (Yasoo)

I really enjoy walking because it’s a good way for me to lose weight. (Miyuki)

I really enjoy drawing my fortune at a shrine [at new year’s] because it can show my future. (Shigeki)

I really enjoy business trips to Thailand because there are many delicious foods. (Sachi)

I really enjoy swimming because it is good for my physical and mental health. (Yoshiko)

I really enjoy one night trips because I have good friends. (Hiroko)

I really enjoy walking around because I can find many new places and new shops. (Shiori)

I really enjoy walking with my dog because it can increase my physical strength and I can feel the change of four seasons. (Kumiko)

I really enjoy studying English because I believe that  I can speak English fluently in the future.  (Shigemi)

I really enjoy playing tennis because I can make new friends. (Michi)


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