One Point Student Examples, Week of January 13th

One Point Student Examples for the One Point from the week of January 13th, 2013. Smith’s School of English One Point A53.

Here are some great one point student examples written by the [very hard-working] students at Smith’s School of English in Otsu, Shiga. We hope that they help you and that you are enjoying studying Smith’s One Points! Check back later as more examples will be added.


If you enjoy eating ramen, you should try Okinawa style ramen, because it is delicious! (Edward, SSE Otsu Teacher)

If you enjoy Okinawa food, you should eat umibudo, okinawa soba and goyachample. (Sachi)

If you enjoy visiting aquariums, you should go to Tempozan in Osaka. (Naomi)

If you enjoy Japanese culture, you should visit Nara as well as Kyoto. (Yasoo)

If you enjoy feeling nature, you should stay in Furano in Hokkaido or Kohama island in Okinawa. (Hiroko)

If you enjoy sweets, you should go to the strawberry buffet at Otsu Prince Hotel. (Minami)

If you enjoy buying vegetables and cut flowers, you should go to JA Kusatsu Aobanakan because they are fresh and cheap. (Toshiko)

If you enjoy fishing, you should go fishing in Lake Yogo. (Shigemi)


To see this week’s one point including Japanese translation and 1 example in English and Japanese, click HERE… good luck!

Every week one point English lessons are posted and studied by students. Many of these students then submit their own sample sentences which are then posted to the One Point Student Examples page for other students to study and enjoy. If you would like to see your examples posted here, scribble them down on a piece of paper and hand them in to your Smith’s English teacher, along with your name and school name.

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