Student Examples C40

英会話無料レッスン C40

英 語: I was (A), suddenly (B).

日本語: 私は(A)していたが、突然(B)。


I was watching TV, suddenly there was a power failure. (Sunny)

I was dozing on the sofa, suddenly I was awakened by my cellphone.  (Toshiko)

I was having a nap, suddenly the telephone rang and consequently I woke up. (Mitsuhiro)

I was solving a puzzle, suddenly a wonderful idea flashed into my mind. (Hiroko N.)

I was taking a bath, suddenly the light went off at the same time a thunder and lightning. (Hiroko K.)

I was driving with my friend, suddenly we were caught in a storm. (Michi)

I was sleeping, suddenly my boss called me to go in to my office because of a warning of heavy rains. (Yoshiko)

I was walking with my dog, suddenly he sat down on the grass. (Kumiko)

I was working on my PC, suddenly it froze [and I thought] “Oh my god, I didn’t save my data”. (Masako)

I was falling asleep at night, suddenly my area was struck by an earthquake. Fortunately there wasn’t any big damage. (Mari)