Student Examples C39

英会話無料レッスン C39

英 語: Compared with (A), (B) isn’t / aren’t (C).

日本語: (A)と比べ、(B)は(C)ではない。


This week’s #1 Example: Compared with Ryoko Tani, Taro Aso isn’t well known as an Olympic athlete. (Yosuke)

Compared with principal parts (main parts), sequels aren’t interesting. (Izumi)

Compared with mother’s day, father’s day isn’t well known. (Yoko)

Compared with grilled chicken, fried chicken isn’t healthy. (Kumiko)

Compared with my sister, I am not so fussy about my weight. (Noriko)

[I think] compared with forks, chopsticks aren’t very quick to catch food. (Eiko)

Compared with the north and west areas of Shiga, the south areas aren’t as snowy in winter. (Yoshiko)

Compared with Kyoto or Nara, Shiga isn’t famous though Shiga also has many historical places. (Hiroko)

Compared with a melon, a banana isn’t a luxury fruit so I can eat a banana every day. (Toshiko)

Compared with people in the other regions [of Japan], we aren’t suffering from a water shortage because we have Biwa Lake. (Shun)

Compared with cell phones, fixed-line phones aren’t convenient but we can get relief [and a break] from too many connections when we switch off our cell phones. (Masako)