Student Examples C38

英会話無料レッスン C38

英 語: Instead of (A), lets (B).

日本語: (A)の代わりに、(B)しよう!

Instead of running, let’s swim because it is getting hot. (Mitsuhiro)

Instead of playing golf, let’s stay at home and read books. (Osamu)

Instead of cleaning the house, let’s go on a one day trip to Kyoto. (Hiroko)

Instead of eating out tomorrow night, let’s have a hand-rolled sushi party. (Chinami)

Instead of going on a trip abroad, let’s enjoy excursions in Japan this summer. (Izumi)

Instead of worrying about the result in advance, let’s do it and then you will see. (Masako)

Instead of going shopping in Kyoto, let’s take a horseback riding lesson in Minakuchi. (Michi)

Instead of complaining about politics in front of the TV, let’s cast a ballot to show our opinions. (Masako)

Instead of constantly using the air conditioner for the long, hot summer, let’s plant climbing plants and a make green curtains. (Mari)

Instead of making lunch at home, let’s  go to the Royal Oak Hotel and eat a special lunch because we can see spot billed ducks and their ducklings [in the hotel garden]. (Shigemi)