Part 5 TOEIC Reading Quiz #2

The TOEIC examination is tomorrow! Here’s another quiz to help for last minute study!

The TOEIC examination can be a very tricky! For those studying for a great score, here’s a quiz to help with part 5 and 6 of the reading section.

Here are some things to think about:

1) What does the sentence not need? Does it have a subject (主語) and a predicate (述語)?

2) What does the sentence need? If it does not need a subject, verb, or object (目的語), it may need an adjective or adverb.

3) What fits the blank best? An adjective and an adverb go in different places. Think about the kind of word you have in the choices and choose the best fit!


1) After _______ and tiring training, Samantha was finally ready to begin her new job.

2) David wants you to forward that email ___ him so he can read it.

3) The mugger demanded the _______ belongings of the his victims.

4) She was very _______ about her weight so she went on a diet.

5) Our company is affiliated ___ many international partners.

6) The _______ of the delivery allowed our project to progress quickly.


That’s all for now! Remember to study vocabulary and 頑張って!