No- not the British Broadcast Corporation. I am being featured on a profile piece on Biwako Broadcasting, the local cable network in Shiga prefecture. I thought some of my students and friends might like to catch it live. I don’t know if the channel is available everywhere in Japan or only in Shiga, but don’t worry because the English version will be available on YouTube a few weeks after the initial airing. The program is called Konbanwa Shiga, it’s a profile piece about people, places and events in Shiga dedicated to foreigners living in the prefecture. It runs weekly Thursday nights at 20:55 on BBC Channel 3 and is aired in Japanese and Portugese and then it is posted on You Tube in 6 languages a few weeks later. It’s only 5 minutes but it’s a fun 5 minutes. The host is a a Brazilian fellow named Geronimo who is trilingual so he is able to interview people in 3 languages. My profile piece will be aired on February 2nd from 20:55 to 21:00. I’ll post again when the English version is available on You Tube. Why did they want to interview me you might ask? Is it because I’m a Canadian living in Japan? Is it because I own my own English school in Japan? Is it because I study Japanese avidly? No, no and no. It’s because of my community involvement, primarily as a member of the local volunteer fire corps and also as a member of many community events. Wanna see me in action? Check out Konbanwa Shiga on February 2nd! If you want to get a taste for the program, or just practice your English listening, go to You Tube and search Konbanwa Shiga [English] to see previous shows. Enjoy!

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