Teacher’s Christmas Examples!

生徒さんの例文 英会話無料レッスン December 26th, 2010
英会話無料レッスン December 26th, 2010

It seems that (Christmas is over) so (let’s put away the Christmas tree).
Edward, スミス英会話大津校の先生

It seems that (I forgot to buy a present for my sister) so (I’m just gonna run into Isetan and buy something).
Chiharu, スミス英会話大津校の先生

It seems that (ginger snap cookies are my brother’s favourite) so (I’m gonna make some for him).
Keana, スミス英会話大津校の先生

Suddenly it seems that friends will visit so I’m hastily cleaning my house.
Eiko, スミス英会話大津校の生徒

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