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Vol.1  2007/09

Hello! Recently Martin and I have been very busy doing postcard and flyer exchanges with many local business―cafe, hair salons and more! Next time you come to school, please check out our collection and you might find a bargain! If you know a business that would like to do a flyer exchange, please tell us!

Have you seen the Smith’s website?
Kotoen has its own special page-check it out!

Special Campaign☆50% off join fee for all new students!
Plus, if you introduce a friend to our school, we’ll give YOU 1 month’s FREE lessons, to say thank you!

Unfortunately, our lunch at Kangaku was cancelled because most students couldn’t come. So, this time, please do the survey and we can choose together! Of course, your friends are welcome!

Welcome to Kotoen Event

Please choose which day is best for you.
・Sunday 10/28
・Sunday 11/4

What kind of activity?
・lunch at a restaurant
Any comments / suggestions :