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スミス英会話枚方校/Halloween 2007 Kids Party


Halloween Party

This year’s Halloween party was especially scary and fun. We turned off all the lights so the front room was very dark. The room was filled with smoke and there was a moving ghost guarding the door to the classroom. It was like being in a graveyard at midnight with ghosts all around. It was so scary for the little kids that many of them didn’t want to come inside! Jeremy was dressed as a military soldier and guarded the front door. He had to make sure that the students stayed outside while Adrian was preparing to scare them. Adrian was dressed like the killer in SCREAM, with a long black robe and a glow in the dark ghost mask. He hid behind the classroom door and waited for all the students to come into the entryway. Jeremy sent each student into the classroom, one by one. Adrian stood still and pretended that he couldn’t move. Then, when the students came close, he slowly started moving towards them, crawling on his knees and reaching out his hands to grab the children. Everyone was really scared and some of the kids ran back out of the classroom! After things settled down, we turned on the lights and played a few rounds of Halloween twister. We also had the students guess the contents of the “feely box”, which had a spider, scorpion, snake, and a car inside. After that, we did a Halloween word hunt activity, and then we gave out candy for trick or treat at the end.

そのあとにはハロウィーンワードゲームをし、最後には Trick or treat のキャンディを配りました。