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スミス英会話京橋校 クリスマスパーティー

X'mas Party

This year’s Christmas party had an extra friendly atmosphere. This year’s party was different from last year, as there were only Kyobashi students attending. This made the made a little more familiar as well, because each student already knew a greater number of people. Something that also aided the atmosphere was how the students all got to contribute by bringing some food to share. And there was so much food! A vast mix of foods was represented, for example yakitori, kara-age, cheese, plenty of gyoza and a few people brought sushi. There were also some homemade dishes, such as salad, onigiri, shumai and some much talked about homemade bread. On the sweet side of things there were maple and caramel popcorn, cakes and Mister Donuts. There was a great interest in the different varieties of food, and everyone was quite happy to try lots of different things.


Some of the teachers went shopping at local businesses for decorations, presents for everyone, and some extra food, including fresh fruit. Not that we needed any extra food, we found out later! The teachers decorated the Kyobashi School during the day between lessons before the party, and wrapped Christmas presents. Glitter adorned the room, and each of the tables had the classic red Christmas poinsettias. Of course the Christmas tree was all decorated and shining as well. Even a snowy reindeer had a place on one of the windows.


During the evening we had some noncommittal activities that gave everyone a chance to win some chocolate, biscuits and other goodies. The first one had everyone guessing how many chocolates were in a big glass jar. Some people tried to work this out mathematically, but as fate would have it, a student who simply guessed who won them all.


As usual, it was really good to see students interacting with one another outside a classroom setting. People moved around a lot to talk to many different people. This may have been due to Gavin’s ingenious strategy of placing different types of food in different places of the room, encouraging people to move around regularly in order to not miss out on something delicious. Whenever new students arrived, a new wave of eating enthusiasm came over most people.


The arrival of two longtime students of Kyobashi school was particularly noted. Not only did they bring the much loved Pooh Bear cake, but also some specially Christmas imported hot German Gluhwein. It was particularly thoughtful that they brought a thermos of already heated wine, as well as the bottle for everyone to be able to look at to see what they were drinking.