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スミス英会話あざみ野校 - フィリピンフェスティバル 

スミス英会話あざみ野校 フィリピンフェスティバル


In October, I invited my students to come to the Philippines Festival, held in Hibiya Park. One thing that I love about living in the Tokyo area is that there are often festivals for various countries. It’s always very enjoyable, and the best part is the food!


I was looking forward to the Philippines festival the most, because I used to live in the Philippines. I taught English at a school there for more than two years. For this event, I invited my students from Smith’s English School Azamino, and my Filipino friends to the event. We met at the station, and walked to the park together. Thankfully, we arrived early, 11:00am- the lines for the food stalls were not very long yet.

スミス英会話あざみ野校 フィリピンフェスティバル 

たくさんのフィリピン料理を久しぶりに食べました。これはTuron(トロン)とBanana cue(バナナキュー)の写真です。  

​​I ate a lot of Filipino foods that I have not eaten in a long time. Pictured here is turon and banana cue!


​There are many different types of bananas in the Philippines; one kind of banana is Saba. It is very starchy and can not be eaten raw, but when it is cooked, it is very delicious. My students really enjoyed trying it.

スミス英会話あざみ野校 フィリピンフェスティバル


Luckily, I brought a very large mat for everybody to sit in- but more and more people arrived! My friends and my students also invited their friends- so there was over twenty people! Everyone used English, so it was great for English conversation practice.

It was a really fun day. Thank you to everyone for coming!


スミス英会話あざみ野校 フィリピンフェスティバル